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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Bodysuit me

Bodysuits are right up my street. No faffing about needing to tuck anything in, its all done for you.

I know they are pain when you need the toilet but they look SO good when they are on, and for me they elongate my small frame which i definitely need! I saw this particular one on the River Island website, yes i know again, its like my daily routine to check their just arrived section! Anyway the way the colours on it slopped and mixed together made this piece a little bit different than all the others ive seen and for once thank got it has no V neck down to the belly button area! i think its rare to see yellow, black and grey all paired together and it work, but for me, this does.
With my high waisted Miss Foxy black jeans and grey fringe Missy Empire heels i think this look is perfect for an evening out in the summer.
Finished off with any bag you want really, but i chose my letter shaped bag from My Novelty closet to add a bit of quirkiness to the outfit.
Bodysuits really flatter the figure and will definitely be a staple for both day and night in my spring summer wardrobe.
How do you feel about bodysuits, yay or nay?
Hope you enjoyed and leave me your thoughts below!

For once everything is in stock!

River Island Bodysuit

Miss Foxy High Waisted Black Jeans

Missy Empire Grey Fringe Heels


  1. I love the colour block in this you look amazing! I also love your hair colour Xxx

  2. Way to fiddly for me but really suits you- love your hair too x

    1. Yeah they can get really annoying but i hate tucking things in too haha!

  3. Such a cute bodysuit, you look great x


  4. i love this look and it is perfect for a summer evening out. You look fab and it really suits you,love the colours and it really does look quite unique tbh. Another fab outfit post,looking forward to your next one already x

    1. I know they are common colours but together i though it all looked very different. Thank you Hollie!


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