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Monday, 2 May 2016


University is coming to and end so that means its time to become an adult and (hesitates to say) get a job. Its tough picking what you want to do for the rest of your life, god knows im freaking out about it, but i know im not alone. Applying for jobs is scary but the one thing that has stuck in head is that if i ever got a job interview what the hell would i wear?!

I looked through my wardrobe and i have nothing appropriate! So if anyone else is feeling like me i thought i would put together a few outfits that could be potential interview looks. To give your employers the best first impression possible, whilst also staying fashionable. Ive given each a title and i will link each of the items below the pictures, i already bought the dress in outfit two. In the hope of ever getting an interview i would definitely wear this! That would be the look i would go for and its super cute and i love the colour! When your dressing for an interview you have to be smart but never loose who you are in the outfit, i would never wear outfit 1 but some one else would rock it and thats the beauty of clothes, everyone has their own distinct style that they can make smart in their own way. Let me know your favourite at the bottom and if you would wear any of them on a job interview!
Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

Outfit 3: 

Outfit 4:
Hope you all enjoyed this post and found this helpful!

Let me know your thoughts below.


  1. Lauren fab outfit choices but definitely outfit 1 & 4 stand out as really good interview outfits. I am bigger believer in dress for success and power dressing. Any time I need to act more professional or do a presentation for work I take extra care with clothes, it just lifts your confidence straight away.

    1. Exactly your clothes can help you act in a certain way and really make a big impact on your chances of getting a shot.

  2. Awww you've got some amazing ideas here lovely !!! I know it can be so nerve wracking applying for jobs after uni! I'm sure you will be fine! I love the neutral outfit!

    1. I'm hoping one of these outfits will help me out haha.

  3. love that orange shift dress it brightens up an outfit but is still really formal i love it! xx

    1. I've got that one I will be wearing it if I ever get an interview haha.

  4. Buying a new work wardrobe is so exciting! When I first started going for interviews I stuck to all black everyyyythang and I regretted it because you can still wear colour and show your personality AND look smart! I love outfit 3 for a May interview :)

    Hannah xxx


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