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Monday, 28 September 2015

You've got mail

My Novelty Closet has become my new favourite place to shop. Their quirky items really suit my personal style, especially their bags!

The service they provide is so quick and helpful! I ordered this sheer white blouse and "you've got mail bag" and it arrived the next day!! The white blouse has a stunning jewel bow with an amazing open back detail.
I'm not usually a fan of see through items but this one really complimented my body shape. I paired it with my high waisted black Miss Foxy jeans, in order to not expose to much skin.
No outfit in my eyes recently seems to be complete without a bit of fringe, so when I saw these gorgeous grey fringe heels on the Missy Empire website I couldn't resist them.
I finished the outfit off with this quirky clutch from My Novelty Closet, it's the shape of an envelope, with a black wrist handle, I absolutely love it! It's quirky without being too much, it can pretty much go with anything!
I recommend if any wants an affordable statement bag you visit their website.

What's your favourite place to shop at the moment? 

Hope you enjoyed please leave your comments below 


  1. You look lovely! I've just been having a quick browse of their bags actually, not bad at all! They definitely do have some quirky pieces in. LOVE.



  2. I love everything about your outfit: the fringe clutch, the funny clutch and the open back of your blouse. So cute! x


    1. Thank you :)! It's most of my favourite pieces put together :)

  3. I love this post.. that outfit is gorgeous! x

  4. Great Bag & Shoes... Also love that mini post box!!!

    1. Haha I thought it was a quirky touch :)

  5. The picture of you 'posting' the bag cracked me up! Brilliant outfit though, I love how you kept it quite minimal with the monochrome but then added details such as the quirky bag & the jewel on the blouse to add that extra interest
    Cat | Percy & Prunella

    1. Yeah I didn't want to put too many crazy items together thank you! :)

  6. You look fab! The top and shoes are AMAZING!

    Scarlett xx


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