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Thursday, 24 September 2015

My favourite LFW shows

I have to say these last 4 days have been torture for me! Seeing all the amazing shows and star studded front rows. Meanwhile I've been stuck up in Manchester online shopping wishing every second that I was there not staring at a screen.

So in order to suffice my fashion week cravings I've picked 4 shows that I loved for many different reasons. I know you don't want to see the whole show because there are apps and other websites for that. So I've picked a select few looks from each runway show that stood out to me and share with you why I loved these shows in particular so much!
1. Jean-Pierre Braganza 
I have been a huge fan of Jean-Pierres work for a long time now, ever since he collaborated with my favourite high street chain, River Island, I began to follow his work. The designs he does are all about lines and structure, he creates angles with his clothes, with this collection the them was draping and hanging loose. The material of the outfits was almost weightless on the models. For me my favourite looks involved the striking bold primary colours he used. Also one of my favourite models/bloggers Leomie Anderson. His designs are truly unique but yet wearable for all women.

 2. House of Holland
I love Henry Holland I mean I don't know him but he just seems like such a friendly person don't you think? And this always comes through in his clothing. Yes I have to admit some of these looks are a bit much, the clash ion patterns and furry shoes do scream over the top but that's why I love it. Henry Holland will always stay true to who he is and the vision he wants to create. This collection was inspired by the Johnny Depp film labour of love, so of course it was going to be wacky! I would necessarily wear these pieces as they were styled on the runway but just looking at each individual piece the collection is definetly wearable. God love Henry Holland.

3. Holly Fulton
I will admit this is a designer I haven't heard of before this years show. But when watching her show I was in awe of how she structures her clothing! The incredible swirl effect she created on the opening dresses. The colour combinations were just right, the attention detail, especially on the denim peice was just out of this world. Her collection was so feminine and whimsical I loved every piece it was so hard to pick my favourites. I can't believe I've never come across Holly Fulton before I will not forget this collection any time soon.
This is a name that burst onto the scene only in 2011 but he has really built up an impressive following! Even Beyoncé has worn his clothes!! And there is a reason. His designs are unique. This collection was said to be inspired by contemporary dance. The lines and silhouettes he creates, with addition in this collection of the shoulder cut outs were a new and beautiful touch to his already stunning collections. Simplicity with a twist.
What was your favourite show of this season?

Hope you enjoyed and please leave me your thoughts below 


  1. Some great choices!! I hope you'll get to be at one of the shows one day! Just keep blogging and it will happen... speaking from personal experience. ;)

    Oliver // http://suedeandsymphony.com

  2. I love that black and white looks. Really stylish and classic.

    1. Me too David Koma does some stunning work!

  3. Wow LFW looks awesome. You have chose some great shows. I would love to go to LFW one day.

  4. Those are some incredible colours and definitely gets me in the mood to change my wardrobe and invest well!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

    1. Me too it's made me want so much now!

  5. Yesss to Henry Holland! The Sophia Webster presentation looked unreal too - check it out!



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