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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Today I'm me

Yes I know, again from the title you will be thinking was is this all about? Well I shall enlighten you. Today I'm me  is a London based bag company, with their slogan being: Don't be boring, live life to the max, I was already sold on their products.

Each collection they have produced is quirky and unique, my personal favourite being the colour me collection. I have selected a few of my favourite bags from all their collections. I'll talk about each individually, going from left to right and explain why I like that particular one.
1. Candy shoulder bag 
I love all kinds of shoulder bags and this one is especially unique with the colour and black outline. Even though it's quirky it will still go with most things.
2. Monochrome me Tote 
A timeless colour combination with a twist. The handles are perfect for both day and night. And who can't resist a good tote bag!
3. Colour me purple slimline Tote
A deep Royal purple, the colour is rich and the black outlines really make this a statement bag for a girls night out.
4. Coin Purse
I'm always guilty of having a purse that's too big to fit in my bag on a night out, so this is perfect for putting everything you need in your going out bag.
5. Illusion Tote 
This is from their newest collection. Prints inspired by geometric patterns from the 1960s. This tote really plays with your eyes and adds a really cool effect to an outfit. Pre order yours now, before it's too late!
6. Colour me red shoulder bag 
I couldn't resist picking another one of these types of shoulder bags. I love the deep red shade. I think everyone needs at least one of these shoulder bags in their lives!

What's your favourite style of bag? 

Hope you all enjoyed. Please leave me your comments below 


  1. These bags all look so unique! I really like the Illusion tote :)

  2. these are so cool! so original i love them all xx

  3. Those bags are gorgeous and different to anything else out there! My favourite is the candy shoulder bag! :) xx

  4. Their bags are so unique and quirky, I was looking on their site the other day! xx

    Jasmine || http://www.blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I know I can't wait for the new collection to launch!


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