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Thursday, 23 July 2015

London Town Part 1

Wow it's been a busy week for me! First of all I had my mums hen party which I talked about it my last blog post, then for the last 2 days I've been in London visiting my boyfriend and safe to say I am shattered!

My boyfriend had booked tickets for us both to go and see To Kill a Mockingbird on stage the day I arrived so my first thought, naturally was, what can I wear?! So after much deliberation I eventually decided on my new patterned, lightweight shirt from River Island (nicely priced after my 40% discount). The open back and airy feel made the shirt perfect for wearing both to travel and to go to the theatre in the evening. I paired it with my grey jeans also River Island and my amazing( yes I'm still obsessed with them) Sophia Webster sandals.
We also decided to take a trip to the British Museum and it was a very informative trip. The place is far too big to see in one day so we just looked at the Egyptian section mainly. The mummifying processes and hyrogliphicics have always fascinated me. 
The way they believed in the afterlife was incredible and the lengths they went to, to preserve it. The picture below shows a man over 5000 years old after he was mummified! 
From there we decided to go for an early dinner. To be honest with my boyfriend being half Italian and me loving Italian food we rarely venture outside this type of cuisine. But this time we thought lets go crazy and try Mexican! So what better place then Wahaca in Covent Garden.The service from the staff was fantastic as I was fairly clueless about how the menu worked! But I ordered the Pea and mint enchadas and to be really adventurous I thought I'd try the cactus and corn tacos! And they were delicious, and for my tame palette, quite spicy! All washed down with a couple of fruity cocktails and delicious nachos with homemade salsa it was a great experience and would defiantly recommend it to anyone. All the dishes were full of flavour and needed no seasoning at all.
From there we went across the road and had the most amazing cocktails I've ever tasted in my life at TGI Fridays. I think I'm slightly obsessed with the bubblegum daquri I had, it even had a popping candy rim! I was in heaven!!
Then to the most important part of the night (jokes cocktails is always my favourite part!!) the play. And what a play it was. I read the book in a lot of detail at GCSE and each character lived up to my expectations. Especially Tom Robinson, his scene in the courtroom nearly brought both me and my boyfriend to tears! The show was amazing and I can't wait to read Harper Lees next creation. Well I  thought I would be able to fit my 2 days into 1 blog post but I've realised I've wittered far too much, so I'm afraid it's another two parter!
Hope you enjoyed this half and the next half will be up very soon! Leave any comments below, I love to hear what you all think! 


  1. Those cocktails look so good! Will definitely have to try them out x


    1. The bubblegum daquri is out of this world!!

  2. You're so lucky! I dont remember how it feels like to watch a theatre and have some cocktails and sightseeing a museum with a boyfriend . ohhh because Ive never done it, I'm 20 and I never had experienced those thins. poor me.

    Kisses frm Indonesia,

    1. Aww I'm sorry! It's not very often I get to do it either, it was a nice treat


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