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Monday, 20 July 2015

Crazy hens!

Well what a few days it has been! I've just realised I don't think I've ever mentioned in my previous posts, but on 1st August my mum is getting married and I'm so excited, I can't believe I've never mentioned it!

So of course that means a hen party was in order! Yay! So my mum decided she wanted to go to Portugal (as this is where she met her future husband 7 years ago). So we flew out on 16th and the drinking began. I've never tasted so many amazing cocktails in my life! See all the gorgeous photos below.

And you know what for a crazy few days we kinda stayed in luxury! The apartments called PedraDos Bicos were stunning. We had a six person apartment that was incredibly spacious and has a picturesque view! The pool bar served delicious food at very affordable prices! I would recommend the pizza rustica it was delicious! Oooh and the smoothie cocktails especially the sunshine.
Then of course you can't go on holiday and not dress well, so I know these are all outfits I've worn before but I've styled them slightly differently and I thought why not wear them again, they're too nice not too! I don't care if it's a fashion faux pax haha. First night I wore my new pink neon tussle H &M top with my high waisted grey patterned shorts, with a hint of neon to match. And of course I couldn't not take my new Sophia Webster sandals away with me so I thought they went perfectly with this outfit. That night we went to the most amazing fish resteraunt called Neto, I had a tuna steak and it was honestly the size of my head! Then of course this was followed by many cocktails.
 For the second night I wore my birthday floral, Topshop dress but this time I paired it with my chunky silver River island sandals. Then in true hen party style they're always needs to be a quirky few items to wear so we all had some wacky glasses. Mine where floral to match my dress haha. 
The for the third and final night I had caught the tiniest bit of sun so I thought why not wear my matching  two piece again. The cut and colour really compliment my small body shape and lack of boobs! Then to finish I added my silver sandals again. 
Every night was filled with fun and laughter and if anyone is ever in the Algarver area I would recommend Hotel Pedra Dos Bicos and the resteraunt Neto as they really made the holiday that little bit more special. Oh and a random thing I'd like to mention is that even though my diesel love overdose perfume fell off our balcony 3 floors up it is still intact! minus a scuffed lid. So thank you to the makers of that perfume you have made one hell of a sturdy bottle! 
Hope your all having a good start to the week. Leave any comments below, enjoy! 


  1. Aww looks like you had a great time. How exciting for the wedding! x
    Glossy Boutique

  2. Thank you and yeah I can't wait it's coming around so fast!


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