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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Scandal Eyes Reloaded

Well I'm sure as most of you have seen a lot of Youtubers have recently been sent lots of Rimmel goodies. And OMG who would have thought little old me would have gotten something! I received an email about a month ago saying they liked my work and would like to add me to their mailing list and I almost fainted I couldn't believe it!!

But I was even more shocked when I actually received these beauties in the post! It came with this super cute note and I already know how amazing the scandal eyes mascara is. Im so sorry this photo is such awful quality my camera situation is so rubbish at the moment but i wanted to show you guys what i got.
Anyway I was so excited to hear that Rimmel were bringing out a reloaded and extra black version. So I thought I would try this one out and show you all how amazing it is! I love how the brush is so thick that it can reach every lash and add so much volume to both the upper and lower lashes. I mean look at the difference!!
It makes them extra black and super thick! As you all know Rimmel is such an affordable brand and the quality if this mascara is just incredible, it really does give you scandalous lashes!

Scandal Eyes Reloaded Mascara- Black

Scandal Eyes Reloaded Mascara- Extreme Black

Scandal Eyes Micro Eye Liner

Scandal Eyes Thick and Thin Liner


  1. Wow, the difference is so noticeable! Looks great ;)

  2. You can really notice a difference with that mascara!! x



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