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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Make your Mornings Pop

Calling all cereal lovers! Your wishes have been answered, a monthly subscription box has finally been created purely filled with all kinds of cereal goodness.

I bloody love cereal, its such a good breakfast or for me i love eating it for my supper! So when i heard that this was an actually thing i couldn't contain my excitement.  Each month your box is filled with 4 kinds of cereals, one of them is a limited edition flavour which is so damn yummy (even my stepdad loved it!)
For just £8.95 a month you get 4 types of cereal, three of these are cereals from all over the world and the final one is the limited edition flavour that is created by the Morning Pops team themselves. They are the perfect thing to brighten up your month and even better its free UK delivery! Because if anyone else is like me, i HATE paying shipping! My personal favourite are the Hersheys cookies and creme flavour, they are just like the chocolate in cereal form, its so cool. Dont miss out on this incredible new monthly box! 

Get your box today using the code FRIENDS25: Click here to make all your cereal dreams come true


  1. I'm so bad at eating breakfast... so bad that I never eat it! Maybe if cereal was delivered to my door every month I would make the effort haha. For free delivery though I'll definitely give this a try:)

    Alice-Tilly | http://alice-tilly.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Ooh, we are cereal addicts in my house! I may have to check this subscription thingy out... ;)


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