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Monday, 26 September 2016

Breaking my Suit virginity

I've never felt old enough to pull of a suit but as I have started my first ever adult job I thought it was time I broke my suit virginity. I am finally entering the adult work I need to do it in style.

I've always wanted a suit off the traditional black so when I saw this green toned grey suit on the ASOS website it had to be mine. I ordered size 8 in both the blazer and trousers. I was amazed that both fitted me perfectly!
The trousers are a straight cut and fit just right around my waist. There's nothing worse than having trousers that dig into your waist all day whilst your working. Then the blazer is structured without making me look too boxy. It's the perfect mix of masculine and feminine for me. I love to colour match as most of you know, so I wore my river island burgundy roll neck jumper and new look loafer style shoes.
This outfit is something I thought I would never wear and the fact I am here writing a blog post about my new job and way of dressing makes me so happy.

Thanks for reading this post, leave me your thoughts below.

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ASOS Grey Tailored Blazer

ASOS Tailored Trousers

River Island Burgundy Jumper*

New Look Burgundy Loafers


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous lovely! The suit suits you sooo much! Plus I love he colour x

  2. I wouldn't match this shirt with it, but that's only me :)
    the suit looks great
    and I get you with the suit situation. I also can't make myself to buy one although I love how people look in them :)

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle

  3. I love your suit, it's so chic and looks great on you! The colour is gorgeous :)

    El xx


  4. I wouldn't have though of a suit for myself but it looks amazing on you! Big fan of the grey colour, too :-)

    Teri-May xx


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