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Friday, 22 July 2016

Roll up Roll up

As gorgeous as heels are, wearing them for a whole right out can really start to hurt your feet, so can you imagine if you had a pair of flats that easily fitted in your handbag that you could just slip on?

Well its arrived! Rollasole are roll up pumps that can you can just pop into your handbag and whip on whenever you need, its genius! Each pair of shoes comes with a high heel carry bag that you can store in your bag for when you need to make the change.
This incredible idea came from entrepreneur Matt Horan who was so tired of having to piggy back his girlfriend home every weekend, so he created these Rollasole shoes to stop this whole thing. They very kindly sent me a pair to try out and they are just so cool and most importantly, SO COMFY! As you can see ive managed to fit them in this pretty small bag alongside my purse too, it shows just how little room they take up!
Depending on what style you want go for they range from £8-£20 which i think is a great price for such an amazing idea and comfortable shoe.
I think these shoes are also great to wear during the day, so i decided to wear them with this cute summer, bardot style River Island Dress. I thought the gold colour and thought they went really well with the brown tones in this dress.

Do you struggle finding comfy shoes?

Hope you enjoyed this post, leave me your thoughts below

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  1. This is such a cool idea for a pair of shoes! And just so handy for nights out/ if the shoes get uncomfortable etc. Plus they look great paired with your outfit X

  2. Oh my goodness I love Rollasoles, they absolutely saved my feet on my prom night! Those ones you picked up are so pretty, I might have to invest in another pair :)

    Em || http://www.asmalldistraction.co.uk

  3. I have a review on these coming soon too! Loved your post and how you styled them, you've got posing down to a T!


  4. This is a lovely post and you look stunning! Such a brilliant idea! I need these in my life as I always end up walking home barefoot haha!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  5. They look so pretty! I'm eagerly waiting for my very first pair of Rollasoles to arrive :) Lisa

  6. These are GENIUS!!!

    Hannah xx


  7. These sound perfect for keeping in your bag when my feet cant stand being in heels anymore!

    Vicky | Vixella Beauty

  8. My sis would really appreciate some of these... she moans about her heels hurting all the time. :D

    Oliver x

  9. There so handy to have in your bag even for when your wearing new shoes that might rub!

  10. This is a genius idea, do they come in different colours? btw you remind me of jenxpen! I love your blog!!x


  11. I don't go on nights out as I'm Muslim haha but I could do with a pair of these for when I start to feel lazy after wearing my heeled boots all day ! Which I may mention do kill your feet haha ! Lovely post and you look stunning as always !!


    Love Nat xxx


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