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Sunday, 31 July 2016

All White

Im not great when it comes to white clothing, im a prone spiller and generally quite messy, so white and me dont always mix too well. However when it comes summer time there is no better colour to wear, so i make a conscious effort to be less clumsy whenever i want to wear white.

I love how crisp and fresh it looks on a lovely summers day, so I thought I would show you how I like to style a pair of white jeans over the summer months. Mine are of course from River Island, they are a lovely fit all over, waist and legs. They are the Amelie style which are my favourite in the River Island Range, for me alot nice than the Molly jegging.
I love airy shirts for summer, stops any sweating and is super comfy. I really liked this one also from River Island (so predictable i know!). The print is very different to others I've seen and it has this gorgeous split up the back, it can so easily transition from day to night.
Not only that it pretty much goes with everything in my wardrobe the colours are all fairly neutral so it looks good with most of my jeans.
Then on my feet i wore my Debenhams gladiator sandals. Ive never seen a pair quite like this before. The detailing makes them look super expensive, when in fact i think they were only about £25! I love the colours they have and i thought the coral/orange shade matched perfectly with the colours in this shirt!

Do you like wearing white during the summer?

Hope you all enjoyed this post, leave me your thoughts below.

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  1. Love your outfit - you look like a rock chick! Very chic and funky. I have shirt envy. x

  2. What a great outfit! That shirt is amazing - I love the surprise of the slit along the back.

    - Joana

    1. It makes the shirt extra special :)

  3. You love Riverisland don't you ahaha, the blouse would be great in winter with black jeans and boots too!

  4. amazing shirt! It really suits you xx

    Tajaljeh // https://lifeastajaljeh.blogspot.si/

  5. I rarely wear my white jeans but I do love how they look when I do. They can make something look so much more dressy! I absolutely love that top though, the back of it is so unusual xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

  6. You look so pretty! I never wear my white jeans as I get dirty so quick ahah I'm 23 this year going on 8!

    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  7. Oh the white jeans... *__*
    and that top is just great!

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle

  8. I love wearing white, especially in summer, I agree it always looks really fresh! I love the shirt you're wearing too, River Island is always a winner for me! xxx

    Y x | www.thesweetsevenfive.com


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