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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Thai Heaven

I hold my hands up, when it comes to food im not very adventurous, i like what i like and tend to stick to that, which for me tends to be Italian or good a old British dish. However recently ive been stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new cuisines, one of the main ones being Thai.

I went out for a Thai meal near my university last week and i really enjoyed it so when i won a twitter competition to try out the new Thai restaurant in Manchester Printworks called Busaba Eathai i was so excited! I took one of my best friends with me and upon arrival I loved the theme, it instantly oriental and then i saw burning incense in the corner of the room. We were told we could order whatever we liked, so we decided to half everything so we could try everything. For starters we ordered the Thai fish cakes and Tacos which was filled with minced chicken. They were both delicious and full to the brim with flavour! For me the fishcakes were really spicy but i am so rubbish at handling hot food! The dip was to die for though and really helped calm my mouth down after th spice!
Then on to mains we decided to get both a noodle and rice dish then have half each. So for rice we ordered the Grilled Sriracha Chicken which came with a cucumber dressing, soy sauce and the best sticky rice ive tasted! The chicken was perfectly char-grilled and went so well with all the accompaniments.
For the noodle dish we ordered Pad Kwetio which included flat rice noodles, chicken, king prawns and shiitake mushrooms literally my heaven on a plate. The noodle dish was by far my favourite dish of the night, the flavours all went so well together and the chicken was so tender. I would highly recommend this dish is you like noodles or if you like Italian food, like me this reminded me of tagliatelle pasta!
Onto my favourite part of the meal. Dessert. We got the lemon cheesecake then in a glass together, some vanilla ice cream and mango sorbet. Im not a huge lover of lemon cheesecake but i did try some, it was nice but very very sweet, even for me! however the mango sorbet and ice cream were delicious i could have had about 5 more scoops.
We couldn't come out and not try a cocktail! So i opted for the Lychee Martini, i felt very sophisticated, and my friend had the Patpong Martini which was kind of like a Pornstar Martini with vanilla in it. For me i would order both again they were super tasty, fruity and sweet which is everything i look for in a drink  The layout of the restaurant was also very impressive it goes up three levels and has a huge amount of area for dining.
I loved the open plan of the kitchen, i always love a restaurant when you can see your food being made!
If you haven't seen this restaurant it is pretty much next door to Hard Rock Cafe in the Printowrks, its replaced the old Cafe Rouge. If you are in the area and want some amazing food, service and atmosphere then head here. I couldn't recommend it enough!

Have you eaten at a Thai restaurant before? If you have what is your favourite?

If you do try this place out let me know i would love to hear what you think!

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  1. I'm just like you, I like what I like and tend not to try new things. This food looks so tasty though I'll for sure give this a try. Thank You!!!

  2. The cheesecake looks to die for and the patpong martini sounds amazing!

  3. Oh my God, I shouldn't have read your blog post this late in the evening. Now I'm craving something yummy, haha :) x

  4. I've been meaning to try Busaba, my current favourite Thai place is Thaikhun in Spinningfields :)

    1. Ooh ive heard some good things about that too!

  5. I'm so glad you were able to do this and enjoyed the experience! I love Thai food but sometimes it's hard to find a good place! (:

    Single Vegas Girl

    1. Yeah i always worries about it, but i love this place so i will definitely be going back.


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