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Friday, 27 May 2016

Tips To Get The Best Photos On Your I Phone

I am by no means a photographer or even that great at taking photos, but ever since starting my blog ive begun to appreciate how important and bloody hard work taking a good photo is. Blogging isn't my full time job so i haven't been able to afford a proper camera as of yet (fingers crossed i will have one soon), so ever since ive been blogging i have used my trusty I Phone.

So if some of you are in the same boat as me or just fancy using your phone for a change i thought i would give you some tips ive picked up over the year ive been blogging.
1. Take as many photos as you can 
With my phone i never know which angle is going to look the best, it all depends wheter you are doing a flatlay, outfit shot or a stand up make up shot so i take loads of pictures from all different angles then judge which ones are best and only edit those ones. Nothing worse than taking a few and settling down to write a post and realising that the photos are shit.
2. Take photos on a white surface
Ive found the photos i take of products on my phone always look better on a white surface. I dont have any in my house so i shamefully *hides away* use my bath and edit it to make it look pretty and white. I can be in the bathroom for a good half an hour sometimes, faffing to get the lipstick just at that perfect angle.
3. Set your camera to the square setting
This way you have the picture the perfect size for Instagram and you dont have to worry about it cropping certain parts out, the whole shot is the size of an Instagram photo. There are many a times ive had no feet before i found out about this setting.

4. Use natural lighting
I know this is standard for all photo taking but it really makes a huge difference with your phone. The flash looks bloody awful, gives you an awful red eye and a patchy picture, so when the lighting is good take all your photos! Night out photos are not pretty for me.
5. Get an editing app
I use VSCOcam but i know there are many out there. Personally i prefer the editing part of Instagram but its hard to edit a bunch of photos without posting them all. So instead i downloaded VSCOcam and its bloody great.
I do step one, pick the best then upload them into VSCOcam and edit the hell out them. Usually i add exposure and contrast. Then depending on the shot i add some warmth and save some highlights. I'll show you a before and after shot below.



I hope this is is helpful to any of you using an I Phone just like me, if you have any more tips please leave them in the comments below.
Hope you enjoyed and all have a lovely weekend!


  1. I love this app, i always use it!

  2. I always take far too many of the same photo! I haven't used this app before so will download it and have a play, thank you x

    1. Its the best thing i could have done to help improve my photos.

  3. Hiya Lauren - loving the photographing in the bath tip - brilliant! And I need to give VSCOcam a try - sounds really useful. x

    1. Yeah its perfectly white so i thought why not!

  4. Love this post.. I love taking photos on my phone as it is so convenient and quick!



  5. I really like the Instagram editing options, so I would use it and then toggle airplane mode on my phone. This disables any network connections and will then result in a failed upload to Instagram. The photo will then be saved in your phone's gallery!


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