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Friday, 22 April 2016

Sporty Island

I used to be such a tomboy, constantly dressed in trackies and trainers. But like most of us as ive gotten older ive gotten way more girly, yet there is still that part of me that loves the sporty look, this time just in a more feminine way.

I spotted this jumper dress in the Manchester River Island store and i was smitten. Jumper dresses are something i don`t own alot of and i don`t know why, they are so easy just to throw on and this one is super cosy. I thought this looked great with bare legs and just a pair of black flats (also from River Island). A great outfit for those breezy days in summer which we do get in the UK!
Then for winter it can be styled with a pair of thick black tights and some ankle boots. I finished this particular look off with with a dark lip, well dark for me as i dont suit really dark shades. I`ll link the shade in my shop the post below.

Do you like the sporty look? Any items you love?
Hope you all enjoyed and leave me your thoughts below.

River Island Beverly Hills Jumper This is a limited edition piece so if you like it get yours quick!

River Island Black Pumps

Maybelline Lipstick- Galactic Mauve


  1. I love this sporty look - it's perfect for the early Summer months and it's one that you could wear in the Autumn months too with leggings. Great pick!

    Emma | HarmonyBlaze.co.uk

  2. Love this look bab! Really like the jumper dress. I'm really liking the sporty look myself but I'm not sure if I can pull it off aha you look fab though!
    Beth xxx


    1. Girl of course you could you would rock it!!

  3. I love the more feminine sports-luxe fashion trend. you look lovely :) xx

  4. I love this dress so much ... The Sports Luxe trend is one of my faves .. I seriously need to pick up more peices in this style! Love this look so much you little cutie !!! Also ... I instantly knew it was from River Island before reading hehe! Shows how much I know you girl !

    1. I want some more too! I just can't resist a sneaky purchase haha

  5. You suit this SO well! I doubt it's my style nor could I pull it off but you do! xxx

    Jasmine || http://www.blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

  6. Love this jumper/dress! I used to wear them all the time, they are so cool and comfortable at the same time :)

    It's been a while since I haven't worn one, but I remember having some from Adidas Originals and also Ralph Lauren. :)


  7. I'm lovin this jumper dress it looks great on you!
    And it looks so comfortable!

    Natasha xx



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