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Monday, 25 April 2016

Golden horizons, not quite

Ive heard so much about NYX Cosmetics recently i had to try something out from their brand. When i got to my local Boots the lip section for NYX Cosmetics was far too crowded, i couldn't be bothered to shove my way through, so instead i decided to look at their eye shadow palettes.

I decided on this Golden Horizons palette because for me these are the colours i wear the most. Pinks, browns and gold suit my complexion way more than the darker colours.

I thought i would blend a couple of the brown and gold shades together and test it out on my eyes.

Here are my thoughts on this palette:

Great choice of colours, the range is great, it can go from day to night.

Good value for money, this palette was only £13 which for a palette of 10 shades i think is reasonable.

Love the shimmery gold and deep pink shades, they look great on top of a base colour.

Alot of excess eyeshadow fell onto my face whilst i was applying, even after shaking my brush first, meaning i had to reapply foundation which was super annoying.

The colours weren't very pigmented, i feel for a night out i would have to reapply this and i wouldn't want to take this palette out with me! So that had put me off using it for the main purpose i bought it!

Took a lot of applying for the colour to really show up on my eyelid, i had to use alot of the product to get the colour i wanted.

Overall i am quite disappointed with this product and feel there are so many aspects that could be improved. I`m still on the hunt to try out one of their lip products but i wont be buying another eye shadow palette from them again im afraid.

Have you tried out any products from NYX Cosmetics? Did you like them?

Let me know your thoughts below! Hope you all have a great start to the week.


  1. Aw its a shame that the colour payoff wasn't very good because these colours look gorgeous in the palette and on you. I'm always looking for a cheaper Naked palette, but so far nothing has exceeded it! xx

    1. I thought it would be but it just didnt live up to what i thought it would!

  2. I have always found NYX amazing! To stop the fall out when applying, make sure to tap the excess off first!
    Laura X

    1. Yeah i did that i dont think the brand are bad i just didnt find this product that great.

  3. Ive seen a lot of love fo NYX but if the pigmentation is rubbish in their eyeshadows, I may not bother looking - always good to know! x


    1. Thats just my experience im dying to try their lip products out though!

  4. It is so disappointing to hear that this palette is so disappointing! I've been using one of their concealers & primers of late and have got on great with them.

    Emma | HarmonyBlaze.co.uk

    1. I really want to try some more of their products.

  5. I haven't tried any of their stuff but I was tempted by their contour palette after seeing at the Manchester Arndale event. What a shame this wasn't what you were looking for!


    1. I think their lip products are meant to be amazing!

  6. It's a shame they don't last long as there are some beautiful colours in there! I also really want to try their lip products as I have heard some great reviews!



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