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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Things Ive Realised going to University

I am sat in my room writing this post thinking, where have the last 3 years gone? I feel like i`ve blinked and my 3 years at university are almost over. Its been a tough road but i`m almost there, my dissertation is finally in the drafting stages, just a couple more bits and bobs to do and that`s it, i`m officially (fingers crossed) a Keele University Graduate.

For those of you who don`t know Keele is a little village in Stoke, everyone always asks me when i say it! So i thought i would do a little reminiscent post about what i`ve learnt throughout my time at university, what i`m excited for but also what i`m going to miss.

1. How much your parents actually do for you, putting my bedding on for the first time literally brought me to tears.

2. How little teaching time is actually involved, i mean my course may be different to others, but i get 8 hours a week contact time with teachers, errrrr 9,000 grand a year for what?

3. How hard living in a block of 24 people is with just one kitchen and ONE SINK! I was on the verge of a breakdown.

4. How many people you will meet in your first year and then never speak to again throughout your time at uni, you will see them every now and again but the same relationship isn't maintained.

5. How insanely crazy your first year is, i went out three times a week, i can hear you asking HOW?! I have i no idea, once a month is enough for me right now.

6. How quickly you can change your mind, my course isn't exactly the career path i want to go down now, but hey, as everyone keeps saying I will have a degree.

7. How close you become to the people you live with, Ive lived with three girls for the last 2 years and we are so close, living with me being as open as i am you couldn't not be, we spend 24/7 together.

7.5 How amazing your friends from home are, being able to spend so much time apart, come back and nothing has changed.

8. How much i hate public transport, i`m forever commuting to and from university and i`m so fed up of sitting on an hour long bus ride. I cannot wait to have a permanent base and not be living out of a suitcase.

9. How everything is meant for a reason, i met my boyfriend in the first week of freshers purely down to the reason we lived in the same block and we are still together today. Had one of us been in a different block or place we would never have met and i believe in things happening for a reason now having been to university.


If you have been to university or there now can you relate to any of these? Or got any of your own to add? Let me know below i love to hear what you think!


  1. I experienced many of these while I was at Uni too but looking back, it was a brilliant experience and I miss it! Once you finish Uni, you have to become an adult and it isn't as fun! Enjoy every last minute!
    Lost In Lipstick
    Rachel x

    1. Oh gosh I'm scared everyone has said this! I'll enjoy the time I have left, thank you

  2. Aww!! Yes!! So many of these! Espesh the boyfriend one... My BF and I had lectures in the same uni building for about 3 years but didn't meet until 4th year when a mutual friend introduced us. Crazy how we'd probably been in the same room loads of times and never known!

    Hope you enjoyed your time at Uni! xx

    1. Omg that's crazy!! Still it's meant to be!

  3. OMG I'm also finishing this year (hopefully I'll be done by July).
    I had the luck of my college being in my city so I never moved out but I totally understand. I grew up so much in these 3 years, and yes, they've flown by so fast.
    We don't pay for college and have classes 24/7. So, I'm practically living there >.<
    No. 4 is so sad, No. 5 so true :'D, No. 8 is just. ahh. hate it. and No. 10: mom ♥

    and I like what you did with your blog background and all :)

    xoxo Honey

    1. It's gone crazy fast! Your so lucky you don't have to pay! Thank you I'm glad you like it.

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  5. I'm right there with you, I can't understand where the last 3 years have gone?! You should count yourself lucky this last semester I got 6 hours contact time and this semester I get 3! I can believe you had one kitchen between 24, I'll never take mine which is shared between 5 for granted again. Thats so sweet you met your boyfriend there <3 Katie x


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