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Monday, 21 March 2016

My High Street Crush

I try to shop around and dip my toe in all kinds of shops, but I can't help having a favourite. My high street love is River Island. I rarely go into their store without buying something and this weekend was no different.

I would say at least 65% of my wardrobe is River Island. I went shopping with my mum and I insisted we at least went in River Island and of course I took no less than 6 items to the changing room. There were a few items I liked, but this coral print and denim fringe top really stood out to me. The print mixed with the fringe is such a unique combination and guys ITS NOT CROPPED! My last post here will explain this comment.
So my mum treated me to this top so I decided to pair it with my light wash denim jeans that I've had for a few summers now and they always getting worn a lot during the warmer months. Then on my feet my favourite dressy, lace up black heels, they are so comfy and the perfect height for me. Sorry if I didn't mention but everything in this post is from River Island (obsessed, I know!).

What's your favourite place to shop?

Hope you all enjoyed! Leave me your thoughts below!

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Coral, Denim Fringe Top

Light Wash Denim Jeans *

Lace up Black Heels


  1. Such a great outfit!Loving those shoes :)

  2. I actually went right off River Island during the mid-noughties but I have to say they've well and truly turned it around for me in the past couple of years! Loving their stuff at the moment - that top is gorgeous and love your shoes too! Katie x

    The Quick Red Fox- Manchester, UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yeah they have really upped their game recently!

  3. Should I be completely honest with you Lauren.. everytime I go into River Island you are literally the first person to come to my mind because I know HOW much you love it!! Their clothes are so beautiful and I honestly wish I could just buy everything from there! LOVE it so much. I love how this outfit is perfect for Spring.. LOVE the colours!!


    1. Aww you babe this makes me so happy to hear! I've had some kind of effect! Your do lovely!

  4. love your outfit,especially those shoes,they are so gorgeous! I am a New Look girl tbh but i do like River Island and also H&M. You my dear look fantastic and i love your style but i guess you already know this lol xx

    1. I love all them places too! Thank you Hollie your comments are the best.

  5. I love this look - that top is such a great find, and you've styled it perfectly! River Island do have some really great pieces - their SS16 collection is shaping up to be amazing!

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

  6. Couldn't agree more I'll be buying a lot of it!

  7. River Island is never my go-to shop, but that top is so cute. I definitely need more things that will make jeans look a little more formal and this would be perfect. I'm more of a Zara and New Look shopper mostly.

    Lisa | www.farawaylisamae.com

  8. Your top and lace-up shoes are lovely!
    I always find great things in River Island!
    Stella from a Looks & Travels


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