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Friday, 18 March 2016

My 6 fashion pet peeves

I've been doing a lot of online browsing recently and I've realised a lot of online shops are selling the exact same things and a lot of it really doesn't work for me. It got me thinking, what are my fashion pet peeves?

I love fashion, but there are many things that catch on as a trend and stick with us for longer than they should. Here are a few I've come up with. Feel free to disagree I like hearing all your opinions!

If i had boobs i would be relishing in this new trend but  i`m as flat as a pancake so this whole v neck down to our bellybutton just isn't working for me

2. Socks with Sandals 
They are creeping back in, but i`m sorry even Jesus couldn't pull them off so i think this trend should really stop, its not a cool look.

3. Baggy Jeans
If it ain`t a skinny jean i`m not buying i`m afraid. Jeans always look so much better when they actually fit your body rather than hang off you, im not a fan of a saggy bum.

4. Jeans with ridiculously big rips 
On the subject of jeans whats the point in having them if it just shows all your leg, wear shorts if that`s what you want, but jeans are made to cover and keep you warm.

5. EVERYTHING being cropped
I`m not opposed to the odd crop top for a night out with a high waisted skirt but i`m sorry i don`t want every single top item to barely reach my belly button, all i ask for in a normal length jumper, please?

6. Not putting arms in Coats
This is by far the most annoying for me. If a coat has been made with arm sleeves, then use them! Buy a cape if that`s what you want but please utilise the coat for its primary purpose!

Hope that wasn't too ranty but online shopping has got me mad recently!
Do you agree? Disagree? Any to add? Let me know below! 


  1. I hate that sliders are coming back into fashion! They aren't cool at all!

  2. I agree completely!!
    I can't go to the store for a normal T-shirt. EVERYTHING is either cropped or wider than it's length and is so freaking annoying.
    I also love my jeans fitted.
    And capes/coats. I tried that one time at home and it's so not practical and I couldn't move normally and it's just weird.

    Love the post!



    1. I just want a normal length shirt!! Yeah exactly I don't even think they look good not worth the hassle haha

  3. I hate scrunchies and any shirts that are too short and reveal your belly (sadly most people who don't have a nice one feel the need to show it). A trend I refused for s long time were leather jackets but now I can't live without my brown Stradivarius one. A trend I will never get are culottes. Like, seriously?!?!?

    Caz | Style Lingua

    1. I know I wish people would put them away haha. Omg me too I've tried them but I look ridiculous

  4. Haha I think I'm probably guilty of a lot of these (I love really ripped jeans and pretty much only own crop tops despite them being pretty unwearable haha!) but definitely agree with the first one, my flat chest doesn't enjoy that trend!

    1. Haha everyone is different, I own a few crops too just get annoyed I can't find a normal length one! Hate having no boobs haha

  5. I do love these, and totally agree with them! I hate baggy jeans, no idea why they are coming back as they never really look good!

    Jasmin Charlotte


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