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Friday, 5 February 2016

Valentines Date & Look

Ahh yes it's already February which means Valentine's Day will soon be upon us. I've never been a blogger at valentines but I thought I would do a post about my first ever date with my first ever boyfriend who I am still with 3 years later!  Then to inject the fashion part I've created my ultimate Valentine's Day outfit!

Starting university was possibly one of the most nerve racking times of my life. Never did I think I would meet someone within the first 2 weeks and we would still be dating today, it's mad! Our date was literally just a meal out at an Italian restaurant with a couple of drinks and filled with lovely conversation. For me the simple things are the best, so for me, this was my perfect date.

Personally i feel going out for Valentines isn't about dressing overly sexy, its dressing in something comfortable, yet stylish. You've already got a date you dont need to be pulling anymore! Low cut and short skirts are a no no for me. So as i do most days, i was browsing over the "new in" section on the River Island website when i came across this red striped jumpsuit. It was the colours that made it jump out, perfect valentines colours, and i love the jumpsuit style for dates like this. Also the stripes being vertical is really flattering and slimming, which after a large meal we all like! Then i paired it with these stunning Esme rope heels from Ego, which do the most on trend shoes, whatever is hot at the moment they have in stock! These really compliment the jumpsuit and help give a little bit of height for those of us who may get swallowed by the jumpsuit ( thats me! short girl problems!). Ive linked below to the two colours they have in stock because both the black and hot pink are stunning! Then to finish off with this black faux fur clutch bag from Missy Empire. Faux fur is a huge favourite of mine right now and the clutch aspect makes the look that extra bit dressier.
Whats your perfect valentines date?
Have a wonderful Valentines day everyone!
Hope you enjoyed and shop the look below:


River Island Red striped jumpsuit

Ego Esme rope high heels

Missy Empire Black faux fur clutch bag


  1. Ohh I've never tried a jumpsuit! I did get really into playsuits over the summer though so I reckon I will like them!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. I love playsuits too! I find a jumpsuit a nice change

  2. I've never had a jumpsuit! I don't think I've even tried one on... But this one is gorgeous! I might well have to go and try a jumpsuit out now! :)
    I love that bag too! Great look.
    And way to go meeting someone so soon into uni, and staying with them :D xx

    1. They are quite flattering with a nice pair of heels! The colours on this one are just amazing! Thank you I can't believe I've done it

  3. I need to be more romantic, I totally fail on Valentine's days.
    Carl B
    Www.ablokeseyeview co.uk


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