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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

All Seasons Dress

I love pieces that you can wear no matter what the season and this River Island bardot dress is one of them. I bought it for my holidays last year and I've worn it so much! I thought I would write this post about how I transformed this relatively summery dress into one that can be worn in colder weather too.

All I did was add a pair of thick black tights (mine are always from primark, usually around 80 denier). Then on my feet I wore my New Look fringe boots which have been an absolute God send this winter. To add my favorite thing faux fur into the look and of course a bit of warmth I wore my black fur and leather coat from Quiz and my matching LYDC bag. I didn't even buy these two items to match but they look so good together! This dress is one of the comfiest i own too and I just love how it can go from a summer to winter dress so easily!

Do you have any items that you can wear all year round?
I've attempted to do a Shop the Post below but if the items are sold out I've used the * for similar items. And i will admit there was no dress similar so i linked a totally different one, that i also feel could transition into different seasons really well.

River Island All seasons Dress

New Look Fringe Boots *

Quiz Black Coat  *

LYDC Black Bag *


  1. i love your dress and i love this look! This is my fav winter look if the weather is not too bad and bot too cold.A nice dress,thick tights and boots and a nice coat,it is just perfect and this look is my fav bt a mile! Great post yet again,you are so consistant with your amazing posts xx

    1. Me too! It's such a nice option to have when the weather is unpredictable! Thank you so much Hollie your comments are the best things <3

  2. I love how versatile and unique this dress is, it even works well with a leather jacket which so many don't. Your outfit is great for any occasion!

    1. Oh yeah I love wearing this with my leather jacket!

  3. aww you look amazing! This dress suits you so much xx

  4. I love love love your jacket! I know it's pretty simple but I wear my Topshop Joni Jeans all year round - I don't know what I'd do without them haha! :) xx

    Zoe xx

    1. Oh no I totally agree TOPSHOP jeans are amazing!

  5. I just cannot get over how adorable you are babe !! That coat and bag are literally made to go together !! Also ... The dress looks so good on you too!! I think I love wearing gilets all year round .. Fur ones in winter and denim in summer!! Also I love pairing dresses with think tights and huge cardigans for colder months !!!

    Fab post as always babe !! LOVED the outfit!!

    1. I love the gilet in your outfit post recently! Thank you our so kind <3

  6. Love the dress it looks great and I really like your jacket too! The whole outfit looks great.

    Love Hannah xx



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