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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Food and cocktails

Two of my favourite  topics are the focus of today's post and in my favourite location I couldn't wait to write this post! As you will know from my previous posts I love the northern quarter in Manchester so any chance that I get to go there i`m very happy!

So thanks to a recent discovery on Twitter I found The Little Voucher Book that offer coupons for great discounts off food in the Manchester area. So going out for lunch, me and my friend decided to visit Bluu Bar and Restaurant which is located on Tib street in the Northern Quarter. Walking in, it was toasty warm which is the best thing for me and we were seated at a cosy, little booth. We browsed the menu and it all looked lovely the only complaint i had was that the brunch menu was only available for 1 hour of the whole day, so when i came to decide on one of these options i was dissapointed i couldn't get it.
However i decided on the smokey mushroom burger and the staff attended to all my needs. I asked for no avocado and corn on the cob instead of chips ( i know i`m weird but i really don`t like chips!). This was no trouble for them and it all came out perfect. My friend ordered the buttermilk fried chicken burger and as you can see from the photos they both looked amazing and they tasted even better. The corn on the cob was perfectly barbecued and the bun of my burger was deliciously sweet and really complimented the smokey mushroom!
There is no better way to wash down a meal than with a cocktail. We both decided to try the French Martini. I`ve always heard of this cocktail but i never knew what it consisted of and i loved it! Pineapple is one of my favourite cocktail flavours and this one was the perfect amount and was even garnished with one!
It was a lovely experience in Bluu, very chilled and they played some great tunes! Even better you get 50% off the food bill with the vouchers from the link above! So after this we decided to go to a couple of other bars and sample their cocktails. 1st stop was Walrus, again it had really cosy little booths which i love. I ordered a Hubba Bubba (right) and my friend had the Northern Lights (left). They were very sweet yet refreshing which is everything i look for in a cocktail!
Then we decided to end our lovely day at The Alchemist, the place is always packed even at 4 in the afternoon! I love the clever chemistry they use to created such incredible drinks. I had a screwball and my friend had the colour changing cocktail which came served in beakers, one yellow and one blue that once poured into one glass became purple it was so good, this place never ceases to amaze me!
It was an amazing day and i highly recommend Bluu to anyone in the Manchester area and fancies a chilled out drink or an amazing lunch!

Whats your favourite place for food and cocktails?

Hope you all enjoyed leave me your thoughts below!


  1. I've not been to Bluu for years!! Looks like its changed a lot

  2. Looks fantastic and SO YUMMY! I have never been to Bluu .. but I am only an hour away from Manchester so must try it!


  3. Oh looks awesome. I've been to Bluu once and really liked it. I've still not been to The Alchemist though, need to go soon!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Once you have been you will be hooked like me!


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