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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Dress heaven

Most girls love dressing up and being made to feel like a princess and its amazing how just by finding the right dress can do that. Some of us may not like the faf of make up and hair but that perfect dress can really make or break a night ( well it can for me but i am slightly obsessed with clothes!). So i was contacted by the lovely Rosa Novias and wow their dresses are stunning! Their Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaid Dresses are my personal favourites. I have created a little wishlist for those of you that could be attending a formal event this year and what dress i think could possibly suit them for that occasion

For me bigger isn't better when it comes to a wedding dress, some dresses puff out like there`s no tomorrow, however i prefer the timeless more elegant look and i feel this dress fits perfectly. The beading detail is exquisite with the little diamonds that are so carefully placed i think this dress is absolutely stunning! 
Now obviously the bridesmaid dress must match the colour scheme of your wedding, this is why Rosa Novias is a great place to buy for bridesmaids, as you can pick the style you like and you can then decide which colour you want it in, this one being the purple version.  I love the style of this dress, the gathered material towards the side looks amazing when its on you and really helps elevate the dress. Not only that if the straps are getting on your nerves they can also be removed. I think this dress is beautiful without up staging the bride, which is a huge wedding no go!

I dont know why but i always feel mother of the bride dresses should be knee length and have longish sleeves. I think this dress fits the bill. I love the bow detail with the colour scheme of the dress and the length is just perfect!

OMG! I love this take on prom! This look is edgy and unique two of my favourite things. Its a two piece sparkly black outfit and if i was back at prom and found this i would be wearing it without a doubt. You turn up in this and you would really stand out from the crowd, IN love with this! 

The sparklier the better is my opinion if your going out for a proper party night out with your friends . This black cocktail dress has the most amazing back detail, so even when you turn around you still look fabulous. This dress with a cute pair of heels and a clutch is perfect for a girls night out. 


  1. I wish I had an occasion coming up soon, love buying special dresses! x

    1. Me too it's so much fun getting all dressed up!

  2. Loving the dresses especially the wedding dress, im the same as you with the elegant wedding dress

  3. The first dress is gorgeous! Finding the right dress for the right occasion can be difficult so I think this is great that you pull some of your favorites to share with everyone. Love it!


  4. love number 4 and 5 especially the Prom Dress,it is just absolutelt gorgeous and is something that i would definately buy,so edgy and stunning! As for wedding dresses,not for me at the moment,once was enough lol but the dress is fabulous and so elegant! Love this post and you have selected some really beautiful dresses xx

    1. I couldn't believe how different it was I loved it! Same here but nice to look haha! Thank you Hollie!

  5. This is one of best posts I have read recently. Thanks a lot for giving wedding dresses and bridesmaid outfit inspirations. I am marrying quite soon at destination wedding venues NYC and was in need of such nice inspirations. Keep sharing such inspirational posts my friend!


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