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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

A girl can dream, right? There is too many nice items around at the moment, I want them all!!! I've managed to pick my 6 ultimate favourite designer/ high street items right now.

Victoria Secret Bombshell perfume
Moschino Super Mario bag
Topshop Multi Coloured Fur coat
Michael Kors Silver Padlock bracelet
Sophia Webster Coco boots
AX Paris Feather Edged Metallic dress

I think I would faint if I actually got bought one of these at Christmas but i have dropped subtle hints to ALL family members! Hey, who knows. Pfftt who am I kidding! Its very very wishful thinking on my behalf. A Michael Kors silver bracelet, Victoria Secret perfume, a Moschino bag, Topshop fur coat, AX Paris dress and the most amazing Sophia Webster shoes. I'm sure everyone can find an item they can lust over here!
What's your favourite item? Anything you would love to have under the tree on Christmas Day? Or if you want to buy one of these items for anyone else you can buy them by clicking on the links underneath the photo! 
Hope you all get what you want this Christmas time! Leave me your thoughts below! 


  1. These are so colourful! You might be lucky- have a great Christmas

  2. I smelt that Victoria Secret perfume the other day and it's so nice. I really want it too.

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  4. I own bombshell and loooooove it! That dress is really pretty too!


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