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Friday, 18 December 2015

Chic and Cosy

I know for a fashion blogger winter tends to be our favourite time of the year. But for me that just isn't the case, I hate nothing more than being cold, no amount of layers can help.

I'm a summer gal, I belong in 37 degree heat all year round. However I am stuck in freezing cold England. So over these winter months we must find ways to stay warm, chic and why not a little bit sexy! I've chosen 5 items I wear/use to make sure I am all 3 things above!

3. Warmth/ Chic- Ted Baker Fawn dressing gown

4. Sexy- Adore me Teal lingerie sets, Winona bra (left) & Wilhelmina bra (right)

Shop this post by clicking on the links above! Especially check out the stunning lingerie sets from Adore me perfect for this festive season! 
What do you use to stay warm and cosy over the winter months?
Hope you enjoyed leave your thoughts below! Stay warm and hope you all have a great Christmas! 


  1. Haha love the wit in this post!! And being Malaysian (the tropics!!), I totally understand what you mean by being a summer person!!


    1. I can imagine, i`m bad enough! i`m always so cold

  2. I am DEFINITELY more of a winter girlie! I love the snow, and am not too fussed by the cold either! Although... I wouldn't say no to a tropical holiday :P HOW CUTE IS THAT HOT WATER BOTTLE! I also am such a huge lover of cosy pj's and dressing gowns!

    Saira xo

    1. Yeah i don`t mind snow but otherwise it needs to be hot haha. They are all jut such cosy items i`m hoping that hot water bottle is under the Christmas tree for me :P

  3. Love that lingerie! I agree, nothing is better than being warm and cosy in Winter! x

    1. Yeah it's nice to get home and snuggle up when is cold outside!


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