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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Food, glorious food!

My favourite topic!
I have to say I don't do it all that often, due to the financial difficulty involved in being a student, but I do love going out for a nice meal!

Especially if I'm not at home. So when I was in London last week I got the chance to eat out twice in one day! I was in the Southbank area for a blogging event (click here to read). For lunch we were strolling along the Southbank front and a yellow/orange themed restaurant caught my eye, and even better it was called Giraffe, I was sold! So we were greeted by a lovely waiter who put up with my fussiness throughout the whole meal. I know it was only 2 in the afternoon but damn it I wanted a cocktail, so I ordered a mango and lime daiquiri with no lime, I'm all about the sweetness when it comes to a cocktail. It was heaven. It was an adult version of a mango slush! Juicy mango flavours with a hint of rum!
Then onto the food! I usually love meat but today I just wanted feeling it so I ordered the veggie brunch and my boyfriend had the grilled steak sandwich.
Just to add, I love how it was served on a wooden slab I love that rustic feel! Anyway my meal was delicious the scrambled eggs had been mixed with chives and the mushrooms were infused with some kind of incredible butter, all in all it was a deliciously filling meal.
The atmosphere and staff of the resteraunt was lovely and if I'm ever back in Southbank I will defiently be visiting again (mainly for the mango daquiri!)
The second delicious meal of the day came from Caffe Vergnano 1882, Italian of course! It was set back on a side street and had the instant feel of an Italian resteraunt. And after a long day it was nice that the booths we sat in were so comfy!! I was so hungry and I was craving pasta but weirdly again no meat so I ordered a vegetable pasta with extra mushrooms, my favourite, and as you can see from the photo itself it was delicious!
Perfect balance of pasta to sauce because a lot places don't put enough sauce on!  Then as always I need a dessert! So I ordered the Tartufo Affogaro, which is vanilla and coffe ice cream topped with meringue pieces and served with a shot of espresso.
And my boyfriend ordered a gorgeous looking blueberry panna cotta, that I was actually rather jealous of haha.
However mine was delicious but I didn't need the extra coffee shot as the ice cream and meringue was delicious enough on its own. It was a lovely meal and the staff were all very friendly and helpful, I would defiently go back again. 
Both places helped make the day I had even more special! So thank you.

What's your favourite resteraunt you have ever eaten at? 

Hope you enjoyed and leave me your thoughts below. 


  1. Theres a Giraffe in Spinningfield in Manchester, and one at the Trafford centre - does a great range of tasty food

  2. All of that food looks so yummy! Especially those cocktails, wouldn't mind one of those!! xx

    1. Was so nice! One of the best cocktails I've had!

  3. I feel bad for not going to Giraffe now looking at your pictures. The food looks delicious! but Idk somehow they remind me of GBK don't you think so?

    Chic Peachy Pink l Twitter l Instagram l BlogLovin' l Facebook

    1. There's still always time! But yeah I know what you mean haha!

  4. It looks lovely Lauren, that pasta looks delish!

    Laura x | www.laurahadley.co.uk

  5. That food looks wonderful! I think if they do vegan options, I will definitely be going there!
    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

  6. Ive always wanted to try Giraffe sounds lovely!

  7. All your food looks lovely! I've never been to Giraffe despite passing it many times, but the menu looks inviting.
    Can never go wrong with a good bowl of pasta either, you know we need them carbs! xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. You should go in just for one of them cocktails hahaha!
      God love the carbs! :)

  8. How amazing does that fry-up look tho!!!

    Oliver // http://suedeandsymphony.com


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