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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Feeling Kleem

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Bet your wondering what the heck this title is all about! Unless you went to the Bloggers Hangout fashion week event last week! Well Kleem are a brand I came across at this wonderful event.

They are yet to launch their products in the UK so it was a very special treat to be given one of their products! I was gifted with the Jeunesse intensive rejuvenating serum. The best part for me is that it was a vitamin C based serum, I love the effects it has had on my skin!
This one, especially, really worked to help bring my skin back to life! It literally brought some colour to my face, you can see the difference in the photos below! This is down to its anti ageing element. I know I'm young but it's never to early to start preventing those wrinkles from creeping in! My skin is pretty dry and this absorbs so fast into the skin and removed the dry patches almost instantly. I tend to get a lot around my nose and forehead.
I hate serums that leave a sticky after feel and this one absorbs so quick it leaves a smooth finish on your skin! It doesn't take a long time to rub in, it only took a few sweeps around my face and it was all rubbed in!
I also love the citrus odour of it, it leaves your skin feeling lemony fresh and super clean.
It ticks all the boxes for me 
1. Non sticky 
2. Rejuvenates skin
3. Removes dryness 
4. Smells fresh 
5. Doesn't take long to rub in

These products are coming to the UK soon so keep an eye out on my blog for updates, and who knows there might be a cheeky giveaway for one of you lucky readers! 

What serums do you use? 

Hope you enjoyed please leave me your thoughts! 


  1. Would you recommend this for someone with dry skin? I love a new serum/ moisturiser, but Clinque is my fave at the mo xxx

    1. Definetly my skin is so dry! And this has helped so much!

  2. I'm not a great lover of serums either but can't wait to try this! Great post :)

    1. Can't wait for it to come to the UK!

    2. My skin is so sensitive I'd need a sample first but you can really see a difference in your skin!


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