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Friday, 4 September 2015

Back to Routine

Yes it's September again. Which means for most of us it's either back to school, college, uni or work. For me I'm going into my final year of education EVER! Help!

Next year I will officially have no where to go back to! But enough about the future. Focus on the present Lauren! That's my problem always thinking too far ahead of myself! 
So for right now it's back to uni life. No matter where your going back to I feel a backpack or some form of sturdy bag is needed. Those books we carry are heavy! For me I always use a backpack my little arms can't take much weight! I love subtle colour and patterns, so this backpack from JD sports jumped out at me! It's a perfect size to fit all my books in and even better it has a hint of neon pink!

There's even a buckle in the middle to help keep the straps in place!
It fits perfectly over just one shoulder or both. Depending if your team Jonah or Channing, do you one strap or two strap it! Sorry if you haven't seen it but I could resist the 21 jump street reference.
For me dressing and matching colours is a big thing even if it is just going to school or work! So I paired this amazing back pack with my neon pink tassle top from H &M, perfect for a hot sweaty day at school (which is always the case in September) To go with this a pair of jeans, mine are grey and from River Island. Then to add like a preppy, yet still quirky vibe I wore my Chiara Ferrangi inspired pumps from H &M, I love them so much!
If your feeling down about going back to the daily routine, then try and dress a little bit brighter and experiment, I promise it will make you feel so much better about the day ahead!
And if you fancy checking out this backpack and many more click on this link below
Also JD have all sorts of great accessories you can browse through here http://www.jdsports.co.uk/kids/kids-accessories/hats/


  1. Team Channing..D'uh! Great post, love the bag.

    Good luck with your final year at Keele, I know you'll love it. Don't worry about next year, enjoy now :) xx

  2. I love the pumps! Shall be looking on H&M pronto haha. Lovely post and enjoy next year ;) xxx

    1. Yeah they are so comfy too! Thank you :)


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