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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Out of the box and into the culotte

Being home alone is not as fun as I thought it would be. One of the main reasons being, I've lost my photographer for 2 weeks! So I went down to London the other day to see my boyfriend, who has managed to fracture his ankle just by putting his foot on the ground! I don't get it either! As a way of a thank you for travelling all that way I thought he could take a few photos for me! I have so much new stuff I want to share with you all this is so frustrating! Anyway onto the clothes. Okay so this outfit is quite daring for me!
Denim culotte jumpsuit

I've tried culottes on before and they make me look like a little boy so I was very surprised when I tried this denim culotte jumpsuit on from Topshop. It actually made me look a bit taller and rather feminine!
Ooh and the best part! IT HAS POCKETS!
Topshop is always my go to place for anything denim, they're jeans always fit perfectly! I also love the cutout detail in the middle it makes the piece instantly feel more feminine.
I think this is a great piece you can dress down with a pair of converse and a leather jacket or dress up like I have with the addition of my ultimate favourite thing at the moment, fringe! I went for a boho kind of look by adding my brown fringe heels from New Look and my matching jacket from Tk Maxx.
I love to accessorise recently and i felt this jumpsuit could handle a heavy necklace so I added my gold and pink spiked necklace and matching brackets and again both from New Look.
I've found that New Look is great for really affordable statement jewellery! And bags!
I'm so glad I took the risk and tried this jumpsuit on because I think it will become a staple piece in my wardrobe, and is perfect for any occasion! 
What style are you scared to try? 
Go for it, take the plunge! I did and it paid off! Hope you all enjoyed! Enjoy the rest of your week 


  1. I am really loving this look!! Perfection :)


  2. Love the outfit looks really nice

  3. You look stunning! looks great on you xxx

  4. You' re right, my addiction is clothes! And I feel great by wearing something new! I haven't wore a Jumpsuits nor dungarees! They just reminds me of my childhood. Besides I am slightly overweight and I don't feel like dressing ha-ha!
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    1. Be confident it doesn't matter what you look like wear what you want! Yeah I'll have a look now :)

  5. Love this! I think it fits you really well - the jacket goes perfectly. You could even add a polo neck underneath this for Autumn / Winter?!


    1. I'd never thought of that, yes that would be perfect! Thank you

  6. Love the jumpsuit! A great summer look :) x

  7. Omg I love love love this jumpsuit! It's just so perfect and on trend, very 70's! :)

    Heather Xx

  8. I'm loving the 70s trend so much at the minute! Thought I would try something new with this :)


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