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Sunday, 9 August 2015

My 'New in' Wishlist

Since I have an addiction to online shopping and am constantly refreshing all my favourite sites 'new in' pages, I thought why not create a wishlist of my favourite items on my favourite websites! So here it is:

I will talk about each piece individually to explain why I picked them
Asos dress
As you all know I love love love fringe this season and I'm hoping it's a trend that will stay in fashion throughout the winter months. I think this dress is a perfect way to transition from summer to autumn! The colour reminds me of the colour of crisp leaves that have fallen from the trees. Although it is a tad pricy at £75 it's a statement piece that works for any kind of occasion so it's well worth the money.
Blue Vanilla kimono
This is currently one of my favourite websites they have so many good 70's, boho items that I find myself wanting everything! This kimono really stood out to me because of the patchwork detailing and the fact that the colours are quite dark, meaning it can go with a lot of things. That's the trouble I find when buying a kimono that it's hard to find something to wear it with because there is so many colours and patterns going on but I think this kimonos colour scheme is perfect and a bargain at £22!
Misguided heels
These kind of heels are everywhere right now! I picked these ones because they are a bit more unique with the addition of the tie back detailing, and for me they aren't too high! The last pair of shoes I bought from misguided were also very comfortable so I imagine these to be the same. They are fairly affordable as well at £45
Topshop jeans
I love Topshop jeans that's pretty much the reason I picked these! They really know how to make jeans that fit all body types (even my ridiculously skinny frame!) These particular ones are a great colour, kind of a mixture of two shades of blue which I'm yet to have in my wardrobe. A girl can never have too many pairs of jeans! And a good price at £40
Miss Foxy playsuit
Another website I have recently found and fallen in love with. I love the bold colours and shapes they use in their clothing. I love the print so much on this playsuit and the fact that it's high necked! Very rare to find this at the moment! An absolute summer bargain at £17.90!!
River Island jumper
You all know my love of this shop ever since I've started working here I've been obsessed with pretty much every new item that comes in! I am always cold so I do tend to buy lots of jumper and I think this one is perfect for the beginning of autumn. The colour is perfect and the addition of faux fur makes it unique. Best get your hands on this quick soon as it's a limited edition piece ( but not a size 8 please because I want it!) priced at £45 

What's your favourite place to shop at the moment? 

Hope you all liked the pieces I picked and if you fancy buying them I've put the link directly to each item underneath the photo at the top! Have a good week!


  1. The Miss Foxy playsuit is gorgeous and what a bargain? Love Wishlist posts, they are one of our favourites to read x

    1. I know it's a great website for bargains and it's good quality stuff!

  2. My shopping places at the moment are Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch. I do love colour though so I'm not a huge fan of their darker and mute tones. Loving your wish list ... The fringe pick and river island one are very cute.

    1. I've not been in Hollister for years! I do love fringe at the moment it will be appearing on my next post as well haha

  3. I'm in love with the kimono and playsuit! x

    TR's Thoughts

  4. The only thing I can look at in that pic is Brooke Hogan's face... even though there's only like half of it. :D

    O x

  5. Love the Missguided heels! Great wishlist x

    Abi | abistreetx

  6. I've been following your blog for a while now and love it, so I have nominated you for three awards that I think you deserve! See the awards here http://www.natalie-alice.com/?p=716 ! Well done! Love Natalie x

  7. Omg those heels and that play suit .. I literally need them now they are soo good :)

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