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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Minnie Mouse adventures, Sorrento Part 1 🇮🇹

Hi guys I just couldn't what till I got home to share some of my time in Sorrento with you all. This place is amazing.

 The food, the weather and oh my goodness the ice cream are all insane, I never thought I would taste a Panna Cotta flavoured ice cream! And the best part is you can try three different flavours all in one tub! Anyway enough about ice cream! I thought I would share what I have been up to for the first few days and show you just how beautiful Sorrento is ( and of course my outfit choice every night). We used the first day, as most people do to get our bearings and we found a lot of places to go. The second day is where the holiday properly began. We spend the day on our rooftop pool which overlooks the Coast and sunbathing is actually a pleasure with the welcome breeze it provides. Then for that evening as I had yet to acquire a tan( and I burn very easily) I opted for an all black look. My new cropped, yet sheer top, with my Miss Foxy asymmetric skirt, with a statement necklace from George at Asda for just £5! and my River Island metallic sandals. We ate in a little side street restaurant called La Lanterna which means the lantern, and my spaghetti bolognese was to die for, better then any they offer in England. The sauce was deep and flavoursome, while the pasta was light and airy. Then dipping some garlic pizza bread in the leftover sauce was bellismo! (Means beautiful, it's used a lot out here!). We got an early night in as the next day was a big day. We visited both Pompeii and climbed Vesuvius, and what a day it was. The ruins in Pompeii where incredible to see, many of the bodies themselves have been preserved by the clever method of plaster casting and to see there scared last positions was very moving. From there we took a bus up to Vesuvius and then walked up to the main crater. I am not on hugr fan of exercise but this was worth it, staring down into the crater that caused so much pain and death in the place i had just seen was a truly magical moment. If you are ever in this part of Italy I highly recommend you see this historic place. Then that evening I was really in the mood to wear my TK Maxx fringe jacket again, so I decided to keep the rest simple and paired it with my black River Island crop top, new topshop fringe shorts (these are such a good find for £38!) my primark black flats and my stunning matching truly madly deeply bridal necklace and earring set. The delicate stones in both really make the outfit sparkle. That evening we ate in another traditional place and for the first time ever I had gnocchi and yet again it was delicious! I told you the food out here is out of this world. This night I had peach, twix and amaretto ice cream all in one tub and I think I was in heaven! Part 2 of my trip will be up next week, I just couldn't resist sharing a snipet of this amazing place with you all. The photos below go in order of nights and I'm so sorry they're are so many, but hopefully there's something for everyone, from history to fashion. Hope you enjoyed, share it with your followers and please comment below

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