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Sunday, 17 May 2015

My new jewellery obsession

I've always loved clothes, which my bank account has never been too fond of, but recently my debit card has become to dislike me even more as I have developed a new love. Jewellery. I am a sucker for anything that matches so when I discovered that there was a matching set of daisy earrings and necklace in my favourite high street chain, River island,I purchased them straight away.

 It's delicate, goes with anything and a bargain at £7 for them both!
I'm always looking for a bargain when it comes to fashion and these following two necklaces were from a pack of three from the freedom range at topshop all for just £10

Then to really make a statement, I found the perfect piece (again at river island). A gold lions head which has fast become one of my favourite accessories to brighten up a little black dress. Alongside this my vintage hello kitty piece is a cutesy, more girly way of making an outfit shine and stand out.
Hope you enjoyed and are all inspired to accessorise all your outfits like I have. Below I have created a collage of a few pieces that I love and are at an affordable price on the polyvore website ,any questions or queries feel free to comment

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  1. These accessories are simply amazing and I can't believe they are so reasonably priced. I love quirky jewellery like this. I just think it makes a statement! I too like to go to River Island. It's good to find pieces that go with everything but occasionally it's nice to just have something that is in your face, you know?


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