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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Chanel resort 2016

The heart and Seoul (pardon the pun) of Karl largerfeld is seen in all of his work. At the staggering age of 89 he is still producing exquisite designs for not one but three fashion houses! It's safe to say he is the king of fashion! And this resort 2016 collection did not disappoint.

The opening pieces reminded me of a pick and mix you buy at the cinemas, this was then infused with the Korean pop art culture to produce some beautiful and more importantly wearable outfits. A Chanel show would never be complete without a tweed suit or two being present. The use of pastel colours on this collection really made it current and up to date.

However as we know nowadays the front row is just as important as the clothes and Chanel as usual didn't disappoint. The icon and legendary supermodel Gisele made the long flight to Seoul for the show. Not only that famous actresses Kristen Stewart and Uma Thurman graced the front row. Overall the Chanel show as usual was a spectacle and I suggest if you haven't seen it you check out my pick of the best piece of the show which I have posted below

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