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Friday, 29 May 2015

Date night

I am finally free!! Exams are over and it's the best feeling! So in order to celebrate, what better way than to go out for some proper Italian grub( my boyfriend is half Italian so it's all we eat).

We started going out pretty much as soon as university started last year, oh yeah we both go to Keele university. He took me on our first date to a little Italian called Pasta Di Piazza, about 10 minutes from the university and now a year and a half later we have been about 8 times! The food is delicious and it's always really warm, which is good for me because I'm always freezing! I had the risotto de speciale. It included chicken, prawns, mushrooms and calamaris in a tomato sauce and it was lovely. A really heart-warming meal after a stressful few weeks. But every meal I have had there has been great. It's really good value for money as well, big portions for a reasonable price! So I thought I would make an effort for this special occasion and I wore my polka dot (which is one of my favourite trends), play suit from Quiz  I have had this piece for a while but for some reason have never found the right occasion to wear it. However I found my white stilletos from H& M in the back of my wardrobe and thought they would go perfectly together to create a kind of 60's look. I then added my stunning Trulu Madly Deeply Bridal Boutique matching necklace and earrings set. They are gold encrusted butterfly wings and really made the outfit come alive. Of course a night out for me is never complete without my baby (no not my boyfriend) but my genuine leather jacket from River Island. There hasn't been a night out I've had where we haven't been together. Hope you enjoyed and comment your thoughts!

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  1. I love Pasta Di Piazza we used to go all the time! You look gorgeous! x


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