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Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Truly Beautiful Day

Hi guys hope your all having a good weekend. Well this week has been a busy one! Exams, work, parties, it's been crazy. As you know from my previous posts i have recently been hired by Truly Madly Deeply Bridal Boutique, and yesterday I finally got to meet the lovely owner of the boutique, Melanie Coleshill. It was a wonderful day, filled with beautiful jewellery, rose and delicious mini cupcakes.

It was the launch of the jewellery for the new store which is due to open in Epsom, Surrey, in August, and judging by the quality of the jewellery on offer yesterday it will be an incredible store. My personal favourite was the gold necklace with 3 diamond encrusted balls hanging from the chain. One silver, one gold and the third, rose gold. With this mixture of colours it goes with pretty much anything and the delicate detailing was exquisite. Overall it was a very successful day and many sales were made, so click the link below and get yours before it's too late! Hope you enjoy th photos below and if you like what you see you know what to do.

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