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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

We stand together

Manchester is my home. To see what happened on the 22/05/17 was utterly shocking.

I walk through the train station connected to the arena everyday to get to work. On that Monday I watched all the young children excitedly make their way into the Ariana Grande concert. When I heard the news on Tuesday morning I was in shock, it was all so close to home. However the unity and love that has come out of this atrocity is amazing.
 I wanted to give something back to those that had lost so much. The Manchester based fashion brand IntheStyle were the first company I saw to start selling t shirts with all funds raised going to the Manchester emergency fund.

For just £10 each I thought it was a great idea. So I got one and I feel so proud wearing it. I styled it with my classic black river island pumps and a pair of black tights to let the shirt itself be the statement. A few online retailers are now selling charity items and I think it's the perfect way to do you bit. #WeStandTogether

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