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Friday, 26 August 2016

How to rock a statement boot

Glitter, sparkle, sequins anything that shines I LOVE! So when I saw these boots in River Island the other day I had to have them. The glitter is just so perfect and shines so beautifully in the light.

However when it came time to wear them I struggled picking an outfit that didn't clash with them. These really are a statement boot, so they don't need anything else stealing the show.
My biggest tip when styling a statement boot would be just stick to block colours, no patterns or prints, whichever colour matches the boot the best i would say just go with it. For me most colours go well with these boots but I do think black is the safest option so I wore my black ribbed River Island top and leather jackets with my Miss Foxy black jeans.
I had so many compliments on these shoes because what I was wearing really let the shoes be the star of the outfit. So if you decide on buying any statement pieces just let that be the main focus don't clash it with loads of colours and prints.

Have you got any statement pieces you love?

Hope you enjoyed, leave me your thoughts below.

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River Island Black Ribbed Top

Miss Foxy Black Jeans*

River Island Black Leather Jacket*

River Island Gold Glittery Boots


  1. Great outfit! Shoes look amazing on you xx

    Tajaljeh // https://lifeastajaljeh.blogspot.si/

  2. These are perfect! Although I'm not a fan of ankle boots, glitter wins! :D
    And you styled it great, as everything else is simple and plain. love it

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle


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