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Monday, 11 July 2016

Nude' tude Palette

I thought Urban Decay were the king of pigmented eye shadows but i have to say the Balm are really giving them a run for their money and on top of that their packaging is just incredible. I decided i wanted a new eye shadow palette because, come on a girl can never have too many!

So if you follow me on twitter you will have seen i was torn between this one and the Too Faced Chocolate bon bon palette. Although i can imagine that one also had great eye shadows and super cute packaging this palette is everything i wanted and more, so in the end I decided on this Nude' tude Palette. I love theBalm they are such a fun brand and i love how all their products are themed and have really cool names.
The shades in this palette are just gorgeous, i mean look at the range they have!
And they shade names are just so cute all of them are beginning with S so they are all related. There isnt much more you need in a palette. I thought instead of just swatching them i would show you some eye looks i put together just using just the shades in this palette and underneath them ill explain what shade i used on what part of my eye.

LOOK 1- Brown Smokey Eye

I covered my lid with Sultry, then used the shade Sleek on the outer corner of my eye and blended it into the crease. On my inner corner of my eye i used Seductive then on the centre i used Silly to give the look even more brown layers. 

LOOK 2 Deep Pink and Gold Shimmer

I covered my lid with Stubborn, then put Sexy on my outer corner and again blended into my crease. For that pinky golden shimmer i added Stand- Offish to my lid and placed it lightly so to get that full coverage and high pigmentation out of the shadow. Then i took a liner brush and took the shade Serious across my lash line to create a liner effect. To highlight the inner corner of my eyes and my brow bone i used the white shade Sassy. 

Overall Thoughts
I love this palette so much, its got such an incredible range of shades in and as you can see they are so pigmented so a little goes along way. This palette will become one that i use every day and i would highly recommend it to anyone who is on the look out for a new palette that is really high quality 


  1. The palette is seriously so gorgeous! And all of the shades are super wearable too, not a single odd blue or green in sight haha :D Also love the make up looks you had done with it xx

    1. Yeah i hate those silly shades no one ever wears them haha. Thank you thought i would try some looks out.

  2. I absolute love this pallet !!! It isn't at all over the top you can make something very natural to somethings very sexy !!!! And indeed they are so pigamented also !! Loving the looks you created !!


    Love Nat xx

    1. Yeah all the shades are super wearable i love them!

  3. I've been wanting this palette for the LONGEST time!!! I, too, was torn between this one and the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon, but I decided I'm going to purchase the Chocolate Bon Bon first.

    This was a great post, I love how you included eye looks and not just swatches!

    x M | www.madimakeupjunkie.com

    1. Its defiantly worth buying! The colours are just so pretty and pigmented!

  4. I've actually had a similar dilemma between buying pallete, but this looks like an absolute winner! Really love the shades snobby and sassy, I feel like they would make a great glittery eye look

    1. I love just using this to create looks there are so many you can make!

  5. Love the colours of the palette, so pigamented! x

  6. Love these pictures, that palette is amazing!!


  7. Lovely post!

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