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Monday, 27 June 2016

What i got for my 21st Birthday

IM 21! I cannot believe it all flew by so quickly but i had the most amazing weekend. My actual birthday was the 25th June but i celebrated with my friends on the Friday and my family on the Saturday and it was all just so much fun, i loved every minute of it. I also got some AMAZING presents so i thought i would share them all with you guys.

I cant thank my family and boyfriend enough for these lovely gifts and just making my birthday so special. I wont bore you with the little gifts but ive picked out the things i think you guys would be interested in seeing and split it into 3 categories, clothing, accessories and random bits.


I GOT A MICHAEL KORS HANDBAG!! I have wanted a designer bag for so long and i am still in a state of shock that i now own one, i feel like the luckiest girl. Black is perfect colour for me, there is less chance of it getting dirty and it will go with everything in my wardrobe! I am in love, it has an insane amount of space inside and the leather is really sturdy so you can tell its not a fake. I was beyond happy with that but then i also got a DKNY purse to match my bag, i was gobsmacked and super overwhelmed that i had such amazing presents, i cant thank my parents enough. Be prepared to see ALOT of this bag in all my upcoming outfit posts.


Every single item of clothing i got bought for my birthday was from River Island, that just shows how much my family and boyfriend know how much i love that shop. My boyfriend bought me the oversized striped shirt which will go perfectly with a pair of tight skinny jeans and he also got me the black and white crop top which is super cute and fits really nice. Then my parents bought me the bey and jay sweatshirt which is so soft and cosy inside and its just going to be something i reach for all the time. Finally they got me this super cool metallic vibe silver bomber jacket. I went shopping with my mum a while ago and never bought this and regretted it ever since but now i have it and i know it will be worn alot!


These gifts are all from my boyfriend, he got me way more than i expected, i was so happy. He knows how much i love sweets and OMG these peach hearts have literally made my life, apparently they sell all typed of sweets in these huge boxes on amazon, so i will defiantly be buying some more when i run out, which probably wont take long! Obviously he knows how much i love blogging and watching YouTube videos so he bought me Zoellas girl online book which im excited to start reading. How cute is this nemo?! Its one of my favourite Pixar films and he always said he would win me one in those grabby machines but he couldn't so he bought me this cutie instead, he even had a lucky fin! Then finally he surprised me with tickets to Matilda the Musical. I have loved the film ever since i was little and i cant wait to see it come to life on stage!

Hope you all enjoyed this kind of post! Ill do a little shop the post underneath if you like any of these gifts for you or anyone else.





Leave me your thoughts below and thank you all so much for the lovely birthday messages, it meant the world! 


  1. Happy belated birthday! What wonderful gifts :) I'm a sucker for Finding Nemo, he's so cute!

  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday, those are some great gifts! The Michael Kors bag is just beautiful

  3. Although I'm late: Happy birthday!
    your family, BF and friends know you well and it's just amazing. :)
    MK bag is my dream so I'm so jealous right now haha it looks great!

    xo Honey
    Royal Lifestyle

    1. Thank you though! Yeah they know all my favourite things :)

  4. Happy belated birthday!
    Thanks for sharing all of your gifts. They look wonderful.
    I hope you had fun!

    1. Thank you Poppy i had the best birthday :)

  5. Firstly, happy belated birthday! The small gifts from your bf are so sweet. And I'm in love with the clothes!!

    - Anne @ Annesmiles

  6. Happy belated birthday, you'll enjoy Matilda the musical so much - I saw it last year and it was so good !! xx


  7. I seriously can't remember if I congratulated you already, but just in case: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! ♥︎ And you got so many amazing presents, so nice that your loved ones know you so well. Surprisingly loving especially the MK handbag ;) xx

    1. Thank you lovely i know i couldnt believe it!!

  8. Happy Birthday Lauren! I'll be coming 21 in September!
    I love the striped shirt you got in River Island but I have such a thing for them at the moment. Can't wait to see new outfit posts, especially with the new handbag and purse.


    1. Oooh enjoy every minute of it!! i cant wait to start styling them up.

  9. Happy belated birthday gorgeous! A Micheal kors handbag!!!! Serious envy over here. Have you started reading the girl online book and how are you finding it? I'm tempted to get it xx


    1. im in love! I started it the other day im four chapters in and i love it!

  10. I love birthday hauls, I'm just super nosey really :p The handbag and DKNY purse is so cute, I have a Michael Kors watch (which I basically never take off) but my next wish will be a handbag! And your River Island goodies look so cute, River Island is one of the few physical shops I actually go in these days as I get everything else basically from Missguided, boohoo online etc.

    Glad you had a great birthday hun xxx

    Y x | www.thesweetsevenfive.com

  11. Awh happy belated birthday you look stunning ! I love the black MK bag it's a classic goes with anything you wear and instantly makes any outfit classy !!! Bless him for the muslical tickets you will love it !!!! Hope you still got some cake left :)


    Love Nat xx


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