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Monday, 7 March 2016

Infamous Diner

I warn you now this post will make you hungry and desperately wanting a cocktail. Okay you have been warned!

Infamous Diner is one of the best places I've eaten at in a long time. It's themed just like an American Diner all the decor was incredible. It had an old fashioned jukebox, leather booths and even a cool housewife you can stick you head on top of. How cool do I look?!
It's my kind of place, you can't beat somewhere that does a theme well! The service was great as well! As soon as we arrived they seated us and gave us a few minutes to look at the drinks menu. I decided on the bubblegum and blueberry slush cocktail, it was heaven!
One of the best cocktails I've tasted! Then onto food I had the all day breakfast and it was so tasty I didn't even need ketchup which is usually essential for me with a meal! It was so filling as well, you definetly get your money's worth!
I decided to try the bubblegum colada cocktail next ( yes I have a slight bubblegum obsession!) this was so good! Full on bubblegum, heaven for me!
Then for dessert my friends ordered the most delicious looking desserts! In order of the photos the first is the banoffee layered cheesecake and the second was the cookie dough caramel pie.
I had a little try and they were so good! Rich and creamy! Exactly what you want in a pudding! Overall my experience here was excellent, service was on point, they attended to everything we wanted and the menu selection was so varied I want to try so much more, so I will definetly be back!!
Hope you enjoyed and I highly recommend this place if you are ever in the Manchester area! 
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  1. that breakfast though ! yummy lol
    the bubblegum cocktail looks quite delicious too x

    Stevie x - www.steviesbeautylounge.com

  2. I'm a sucker for bubblegum flavours too...love the bubblegum daiquiri you can get in Revolution!

  3. I need to eat here! looks absolutely delicious xxx

    1. It's so nice and great value for money!

  4. Ooh I love an old school style American diner, so picture worthy and the food and drink always look amazing. Those desserts have made me SO hungry right now! I'm not often in Manchester but if I ever am, I think I'll definitely head here x

    Bridie | The Same Old Chic

    1. It was such an amazing experience I really want to go back soon!


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