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Friday, 4 December 2015

The Best Dive

Have you ever been that buzzing from a night out that you can't stop smiling? That's me right now! I already love the Northern Quarter in Manchester, as you all probably know from this post click here. So when I got an invite to a new bar opening in my favourite place, I just couldn't wait! Dive Bar is set back on Tib street, just next to Afflecks.

Being on a guest list was possibly one of THE most exciting things for me, it's never happened before! I went with my boyfriend as it was one of my first events like this and I was super nervous! But when I got there the atmosphere of the bar was incredible!
The decor, walls and tables were all made out of wood, mixed with brown leather seats. It was a real grungy, kind of back street bar with an amazing vibe.
As soon as we arrived we were greeted by lovely staff who took our coats and showed us to the free bar!!
Once we got a drink we were taken to the bloggers tables by the lovely Siobhan, who invited me to the event. Of course I couldn't not take photos of everything! Even the menu was cool!
We had a few drinks and even got to sample some of the new cocktails. That was the only thing that let it down, and I usually love a good cocktail! I tried the nuts and berries and the hai mai tai and both really didn't float my boat.
But then again I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world and they were a tad bitter for me! Then came the food! And my gosh there was so much. From burger sliders to Mac and cheese balls to chocolate coated strawberries.
It was all delicious! I highly recommend the food from everything I tried. There was also a great live band that were playing, they really fit the vibe of the place, they weren't too loud that people couldn't chat and get to know each other.
I meet some lovely people. The lovely Rachel with the blog Lost in Lipstick . Catherine with the blog Percy and Prunella. And I finally got to meet a blogger I love, Frankie who is behind the amazing blog Fashion Dough. We even managed to get a picture together! It was so nice to meet fellow bloggers and see behind the Twitter handle haha!
The whole evening was so much fun, the atmosphere was buzzing and i would highly recommend this bar to anyone in the northern quarter who wants a good meal and a hell of a booze up!
I apologise if the photos are a bit dark, but the bar itself was dark and I feel the picture should reflect that so I didn't really want to edit them, so you can really get a feel for what the place is like.
Hope you all enjoyed leave me your thoughts below! 


  1. This looks amazing, I'll definitely be heading to NQ asap to check it out. Love your shirt and phone case :)

    Hannah xx


    1. It's such a great place and it's open till 5 on Fridays and Saturdays. Thank you!

  2. Wow - relaxed cozy decor, comfort food and live music that isn't too loud to talk - perfect! Sounds like this could be my new local.

  3. Ah this looks like a fun evening! I was done to come but couldn't get down there unfortunately! xxx

  4. Looks like you had a fab time, Lauren! The food makes me so hungry! Looking beaut you girlies!
    xox Nadia

    1. It was so good! Loved the crab cakes they did! Thank you Nadia ❤️


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