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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Old Bill

I love it when family birthdays come around, it always means a good meal out somewhere (being a poor student this doesn't happen all that much). So a few weeks ago it was my mums new husband (Martin) birthday, so we thought we would surprise him and take him somewhere we had all never tried before!

We decided on The Old Bill bistro in my local town, Oldham, you will have probably never heard of this before unless you are from the Manchester area! We walked in and it was toasty warm with a cute, cosy layout both of which I love.
The staff were really attentive and we had our drink orders taken straight away! On to the food. I ordered the mushroom ravioli and tomato sauce. Although the presentation was beautiful I didn't really enjoy the meal as the sauce has been flavoured with aniseed which made the whole dish feel sweet instead of which if don't like, but hey that's only my personal preference.
Then dessert,  my favourite part! I ordered a caramel sundae which I devoured.
My mum had a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake which I also ate half of and it was so good!
And the birthday boy, of course had a chocolate fudge brownie again amazingly tasty!
Then to end the night the host of the resteraunt surprised Martin with the biggest glass of whisky I have ever seen in my life!! He loved it!
We had an amazing time, the staff were so attentive to all our needs! If you are ever in the Oldham/ Manchester area I would really recommend this place it does all kinds of food so it's great for everyone!
What's your favourite kind of food to eat right now? 
Hope you enjoyed! Leave me your thoughts below!  


  1. I've never heard of The Old Bill, but next time I'm in North Manchester I'll have to check it out- although I'm not a fan of aniseed either so I'll be sure to avoid. That cheesecake does look amazing :)

    1. Yeah it wasn't great but the desserts really made up for it!

  2. Love that brandy glass, haha!!

  3. sounds lovely, that glass is huge! x

  4. All looks so good! Hahah the whiskey!!


  5. Haha that glass, love it! This sounds ideal, sounds like the staff are really lovely as well. Glad you enjoyed the dessert at least! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Yeah they made the meal even better!


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