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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Weekend in Sheffield, Part 2

Part 2 is here! We began the second day by just having a wander around, I love to explore new places without having too much of a set schedule, to see what the place has to offer, and Sheffield sure didn't disappoint! We found the most amazing food market!

It included every kind of food you could ever think of! A meringue stall to a kangaroo burger stand!
It was amazing! Then for lunch we found an amazing little tea rooms set back in the chapel walk, called Andrews cafe and tea rooms. I had my all time favourite soup, pea and ham. It was perfect to warm me up on a cold Saturday afternoon.
Then from there my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to the cinemas.....with a difference! Ever wanted to sit in a reclined double seat, with a glass of wine in the cinemas? If this is a yes it's time to visit Curzon cinemas! We watched the Martian and it was an amazing experience! If you like independent, one of films too it's the perfect date place!
That evening I felt like dressing up a bit more. So I decided on my silver, almost like tin foil effect top from Topshop, I bought it in the sale a year ago and I love how different it is!
I paired it with my disco pants from Quiz ( I miss these being a trend but I'm still going to wear them haha). Then on my feet I wore my little, strappy heels from new look, they are perfect for me as I'm terrible at walking in heels!
All dressed and ready to go we went to yet another Italian resteraunt Vitos, just slightly set out of the city centre but it was worth the extra travel. The tables were all set close together and I love the closeness when dining. My boyfriend ordered a sausage and Gorgonzola pizza, which smelt delicious, and my gosh was huge. Definetly got our money's worth!
Then I ordered the swordfish pasta, it was heaven! My two favourite things in one bowl!
At the end of the mean we got to meet Vito himself! And it was amazing to speak to him and see how authentic this place is! I highly recommend this and Rossis if you love Italian food! From there we went on to my favourite part of the night! Cocktails! We visited a bar allied the Great Gatsby bar and I had pineapple and vodka infused cocktail!
It was very busy and struggled to get a seat so we moved onto another bar called the common room and this was my favourite! I ordered a passion fruit martini and I literally drank in 3 sips it was delicious!
The place was really sporty and studenty so it was perfect for us!
Overall we had the most amazing weekend! Thank you to Premier Inn as well for providing a great place for us to stay, the location was just perfect! Sheffield was an amazing place that I will definitely be going back to again! 
What's your favourite place to visit in England? 
Thank you for reading! Leave your comments below. 


  1. Aww this sounds like so much fun! I want to go!

  2. My step sis went to uni at sheffiled and loved it

    1. It's a great city to visit I can imagine going to uni there was so much fun!

  3. LOVE your outfit, the top is so different but it looks great. I also still love disco pants even though I've thrown mine out, they dress up any outfit! x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. I wear them all the time I don't care if they aren't on trend they are so comfy!

  4. Sounds & looks like you had an absolutely incredible time!
    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

  5. Yayy so glad you enjoyed Sheffield! It sounds like you had another lovely time, you should definitely go back to visit! :)

    Heather Xx


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