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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Statement jacket

I love a good statement piece, wether it be a bag, top or in the case of this post a jacket. Wearing one statement piece can really make an outfit come alive and set you apart from the rest. For this outfit I've chosen my printed statement blazer/ jacket from the autumn winter 2013 River Island collection.

I feel this jacket has such vibrant colours and striking lines that the rest of the outfit should be basic to allow the jacket itself to be the star.
So I styled it with a plain black,high necked top again from River Island, black high waisted jeans from Miss Foxy and black fringe ankle boots from New Look.
To break up the black in the outfit I accessorised with my gold and teal New Look necklace. I can't just have one quirky piece though, I know it's too much sometimes! But fashion is meant to be playful! I wore my peace earrings from River Island. One purple and one teal to match the shades of the jacket. 

How would you style this statement jacket?

Hope you enjoyed this post, leave your comments below! 


  1. I love your boots! Great post xxx

  2. I'm slightly in love with that jacket. You look great :)

    Hannah xx


  3. You look lovely Lauren, and the jacket is beautiful too xx

  4. You look lovely! Really love those boots too! xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com


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