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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Three basics

I put this outfit on today without even thinking how essential each of these items are to our wardrobes! I literally think ever girl and most likely every boy will own their own variation on these three items! And if you don't it's time you went out and got them!

Okay so ill work from top to bottom. Firstly a classic denim shirt. No matter whether it's your classic denim or an acid wash shirt or even maybe a denim shirt dress, we all need a denim top piece in our lives,it goes with everything and is so versatile! Mine was only £15 from H &M!
Then the bottoms, a sturdy pair of jeans! For me at the moment with it supposedly being summer, white is the colour I've been trying to wear but as winter comes by black jeans will get worn to death! My white pair are from River Island and I have so many pair of black jeans I can't keep track!
Finally the shoes I think every person must own a pair of either converse, vans or trainers! They are so comfy and are a staple shoe that can be worn with most things. I love my Wonder Woman ones, they were a novelty pair I bought from Schuh a few years ago!
Hope you all enjoyed!

What other basic pieces do you think we all need in our wardrobes? 

Let me know I love hearing your thoughts! 


  1. I love a good denim shirt! I'm really into white denim shirts at the moment as they look so crisp! Lovely post and liked the denim on denim ;) xx

  2. Denim is so timeless. Perfect outfit for not trying to make too much effort

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  4. I agree, they are definitely three wardrobe staples! I go through phases of living in converse and jeans. I usually wear my oversize denim jacket with black high waisted jeans as it makes quite an edgy double denim outfit. xx


  5. That denim shirt is definitely a great wardrobe staple! This is a wonderful casual outfit, and your Wonder Woman converse are amazing!

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    1. I always wear mine! Thank you they were a one off purchase I'm very happy with!


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