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Monday, 24 August 2015

Summer, where you at?

This has been the question I have been asking myself for the past 2 months. Summer, where you at? I've got so many summer clothes that I have either not worn or when I have worn them, they've been covered by a big, WINTER coat! Not the summer I was hoping for! I bought this blue butterfly dress from Blue Vanilla about 3 weeks ago in the hope of some sun.
Exact dress
If you haven't bought anything from here! You really need to, their stuff is so good! And very reasonable! I mean this dress is now only £12! (Click under the photo if you don't believe me) We finally had a tiny glimmer of sun so I thought it was time to wear it! I love Peter Pan collars, so this combined with the stunning pattern and swing fit of this dress, I couldn't resist it! It's so comfy to wear and even in winter I'll pop a pair of tights on and it's good to go.
But since it's meant to be summer I paired it with my silver beaded sandals from Primark.
Then to make the look super summery I wore my straw fedora which I got from a little market stall when I went to Sorrento a couple of months ago! And my silver metallic Topshop bag.

Hopefully we will get some sun in September! 

Fingers crossed!
Hope you all enjoyed and leave your thoughts below.


  1. beautiful dress and what a bargain too,wow! Fabulous ootd and i have to say that i totally love your style.Just love your blog xx

    1. I know and it's such good quality! Thank you so much!

  2. Such a cute dress! I love Peter Pan collars too! And yep, summer has been disappointing. I've got loads of clothes I haven't been able to wear :( Lovely post though! (Also, is that a summer Christmas tree?! Amazing!) x

    Martha Jane | www.marthajanemusic.com

    1. Just a few days of sun would have been nice! And probably my mum loves crazy things for he garden haha!!

  3. The pepter pan collar dress looks gorgeous on you! I've been asking where the heck summers at? I've heard many londoners talk about the glorious sunshine, it's painful to hear! x

    1. It's been awful! Got so much stuff I can't wear but I thought i don't care I love this dress!


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