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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

6 essential bags ever girl needs

Well I thought for today's post I'd try something a bit different, still fashion related, but rather than an outfit I've done more of an advice/relatable piece. I hope you all like it! My advice isn't great but I hope you can all relate to at least having a few of these. My bag collection has recently grown and its struck me that every girl needs a certain bag for a certain occasion. So I thoughts of share the 6 types bags that I think every girl needs in her life.
Topshop clutch (exact)
River Island dressy bag (similar, black and white)
Tk Maxx backpack (similar)
Tk Maxx everyday bag (similar)
Topshop satchel (similar)
New Look quirky bag (orange slice)

1. The Everyday bag
We all need a bag to use for day to day errands and activities. It needs to be big so it can fit all the crap we tend to accumulate, I mean I found a wine gum just floating around in mine the other day!  And it had to be some what of a neutral colour so it can go with a lot of different outfits. Mine is a fringe, black Steve Madden one from TK maxx.
2. The Dressy bag
This one is also of a similar size to the everyday bag but it's a bit, as the title says, dressier. It's for those occasions we're going out but still need quite a hefty amount of items. The colour for this can also be a bit wackier as we only wear it with whatever outfit we are planning to wear at that particular event. Mine is a tan/yellow Pom Pom bag from River Island
3. The Clutch bag 
The staple of a girls going out bag wardrobe! In order to dress up any outfit a clutch is essential and is usually the last purchase in order to bring the outfit together (mine was to match my shoes!). We have all been there,running around the shops a few hours before we need to go out trying to finding that perfect clutch bag! Mine was to match my colbalt blue Misguided shoes. It was £25 from Topshop 
4. The Satchel bag 
No matter how we feel about them, everyone must have one in their collection, they are a staple bag. They never age and will always be in trend no matter what season it is. Mine is a metallic silver one from Topshop 
5. The Backpack
Every since I've been little I've had at least one backpack and I don't think this will ever change! No matter whether your a student or at work, they are handy to fill with endless amounts of books, pop it on your bag and the weight is nothing compared to what it would be carrying it! They are handy for people in all jobs, I even use mine when I'm staying at someone else's house it's just handy to throw so much stuff into! Mine is a spotty, multicoloured one from TK Maxx
6. The Quirky bag
Okay so this may not be an essential but I feel that everyone has that one bag that they bought because they loved it but aren't quite sure what to wear it with, or question is it too out there? I feel like this with my watermelon bag from New Look. I saw it and instantly fell in love with its quirkiness and one day I will find the perfect outfit for it but it has to be in my bag collection! 
Hope you all enjoyed and at least found one bag to relate to! If you like these bags I have linked similar ones or the exact one under the picture. A lot of the bags I've got have already sold out so I have put some similar just as nice ones as another option.

What's your favourite bag and why? 

Leave me any comments below I'd love to hear what you thought of this post!  


  1. Ah I'm a bag addict! I actually have the watermelon clutch. I love the River Island bag though. Swooning! x

  2. Love this! My bag collection has grown soo much too. I love your Steve Madden bag, you're lucky to have found that in TK Maxx! x

    1. I know! You can find some good bargains in there!

  3. I love the dressy bag! And the bright pink pom pom adds a really quirky touch

    Katie @ lifeof-a-daydreamer.blogspot.com/

    1. Me too I love Pom Poms on bags at the minute :)

  4. I love this quirky bag&everyday one. But I just adore all black&"leather" bags! xx

    Tajaljeh // http://lifeastajaljeh.blogspot.com/

  5. A backpack is something I've never ever owned!

    1. Really? They help me so much when I'm at uni!

  6. I love the watermelon bag, thats so fun! and the fringe bag is really nice as well, perfect for fall! :)

    1. Me too I love them! Bags are becoming my new obsession

  7. Awesome bags ! the watermelon bags looks awesome

    1. Thank you! New look are great for quirky bags

  8. Absolutely love the silver bag and the watermelon one! So cool! I'm definitely a bag addict- I can never resist one especially a good quality one. :)


    1. I could t agree more! Bags are just too nice to resist especially when like you said they're good quality!

  9. Perfect items! Your fringed everyday bag is a dream! So lovely! Your clutch is also super cute! Love his post - these are definitely staple bags x

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