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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Troffing delicious

I thought I would try to add a bit of something different to my blog today and try a food review! Me and my mum went shopping for the day in Manchester city centre and I personally love going to the Northern Quarter area for food and drinks. One place I have recently discovered is Trof.

It is set back on the corner of Thomas Street and to be honest from the outside it doesn't look very inviting, but once you are inside it has that cosy, homely feel that I love.
We sat at the window( my mum is nosy and likes to watch the people go by haha).
The menu has a tainted version of Dolly Parton on the front which already made me giggle. 

The choices include breakfast items( which is served until 4!) which I love because I could eat breakfast for every meal! Then your usual burgers, hot dogs and all types of wonderful sandwiches. I ordered eggs shroomy, which was 2 poached eggs on an English muffin with lemon infused mushrooms and my gosh it was delicious! The flavouring they add to the mushrooms is out of this world! It's presented in a rounded dish to make the dish feel even more homely.
My mum ordered a halloumi and mushroom burger with a side of salad and that was also beautifully presented and the cheese and mushroom combo was so tasty!
We washed them down with our standard diet cokes and all in all it was a great meal.
The place has an upstairs lounge that can be hired out for events and they even host open mic nights every Monday. I loved the decor, even the toilets had music themed wallpaper!
The meal and experience we had at Trof was extremely enjoyable and i would recommend it to anyone who is in Manchester to try to out!


  1. This has just made me so hungry, looks lovely! x
    Glossy Boutique

  2. the Northern Quarter is my favourite spot too! I love grabbing lunch around there, although I tend to gravitate to the same places: home sweet home and teacup. I need to re-visit Trof now :) lovely blog by the way! x

    Frankie | Fashion Dough

    1. I love home sweet home too but more for th amazing cakes. Trof is great for a good lunch, and thank you!


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