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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Top 13 Youtubers

YouTube has recently become another platform that just doesnt follow the regular pattern it should. I noticed a few weeks ago that half of my subscriptions were missing, so i now have to make an effort to watch and make sure my favourite You Tubers get the views they deserve. So because of this i have picked my top 10 described why i liked them and of course left a link to their channel. Also not in order either i love all 10 equally.

1. IntheFrow: http://ow.ly/Fzic30fdte0
Watching Victoria's success is beyond incredible, her new weekly vlogs have become my favouite things to watch however the reason i love her channel is because of her impeccable taste in fashion and even though alot of the things she now buys is way out of my price range i just love seeing how she effortlessly styles things. Also her relationship with her BF Alex is adorable, his channel is also worth subscribing too as you get to see a whole different side to Victoria: Alex`s channel: http://ow.ly/MCEx30fdtlW

2. Emmas Rectangle: http://ow.ly/Y9ds30fduEL
Emmas channel is mainly beauty related and Oh.my.god she is stunning! I love the make up looks she creates and her skin tone and everything about her skin and face is exactly like mine so i can always go off her recommendations. So if you are a dry skin, long eye lashed gal you should defo follow Emma and also i LOVE her spontaneous vlogs

3. Lily Pebbles: http://ow.ly/NHps30fduuD
Lily is probably one of the most professional yet relatable people on YouTube i always believe that what she is saying isnt just paid for, which i find hard to find now among many Youtubers. I love her favourites videos and anything that involves her and TheAnnaEdit, their friendship is so nice to watch. The amount of effort Lily put into her content is amazing and it deserves to be recognised.

4. Brogan Tate: http://ow.ly/yW4G30fdukm
Weekly vlogs is all i need to say. Brogan does weekly vlogs that tend to brighten up my week, just listening to her sit and chat is just so nice. She deserves every success she has and her videos are just so much fun to watch.

5. Hannah Gale: http://ow.ly/l15H30fduoL
The current queen of the internet, as Hannah recently announced she is pregnant (so exciting) the internet went nuts. I love Hannah's weekly vlogs, she says it as it is and doesn't hide anything which i love. She is such a sassy gal, she is someone you watch and you just want to be friends with immediately. Also Hannah blog is incredible definitely worth a read. Cannot wait to see baby gale.

6. Helen Anderson: http://ow.ly/LB1I30fduBD
Helen does such a range of all things on YouTube, she daily vlogs and pretty much anything you can thing off. I lover her unique sense of style and she always seems to be doing something a little bit different from everyone else on the internet. I love her make up videos and also her daily vlogs, seeing her life with Maff and her cute dogs is so nice to watch.

7. Katie Snooks: http://ow.ly/jTdz30fdusf
Katie's channel is a recent discovery for me. Its strange because Katie's relationship ended with her fiancee around the same time i broke up with my ex boyfriend and for some reason i just felt drawn to her videos and her weekly vlogs are so great, especially her cute little hamster Echo.

8. Jamie Genevieve: http://ow.ly/OBGe30fdunB
Ultimate make up queen. Jamie's face is just beyond beautiful! And her make up looks always slay. Her weekly vlogs are a newish addition to her channel and i bloody love them, Jamie and her new fiancee jack are so funny to watch and her gorgeous dog drogba.

9. Fleur de Force: http://ow.ly/Rs7j30fdutz
Ive loved fleur for years and watching her success has been insane and now seeing her pregnant with baby de force is just incredible. She is so relatable and i love all her make up ranges. She is smashing it and its great to see.

10. Liv Purvis: http://ow.ly/8qXO30fduD1
Fashion queen, i turn to liv when i need to re invent my wardrobe a bit, she always know how to style things together that i would never have even thought to. I love watching her style videos and would highly recommend them

11. Lydia Elise Millen: http://ow.ly/QKb830fdumc
Another babe, lydia is beyond gorgeous (she can actually pull off a ponytail and not look like a potato!). Her long vlogs are so great to watch, she is a fairly high end YouTubers so if thats not what your into dont watch. Lydia gets alot of hate for her fashion and beauty choices and i dont understand why. Its what her channel is all about and even though i cant afford it i love watching her and seeing what shes loving or where she is travelling too

12: Rosi Jay Pierce: http://ow.ly/QZyY30fduzx
A fellow Mancunian. I love how real Rosi`s vlogs are, she has a full time job and still manages to produce incredible content for her YouTube channel. I love her make up looks and she is just generally such a girl boss. LOVE HER CHANNEL

13. Sophie and Cinzia: http://ow.ly/3ss230fduwE
Ultimate babes, they are 2 best friends who are just totally themselves, they do pre drink videos, to cook with us, to hauls there channel always makes me laugh and seeing their friendship is so nice.

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  1. OMG, I don't know any of these haha
    fine, fine, I'll check them out :D Liv, Emma and Jamie seemed to suit me the best so we'll see :D

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram


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