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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Disappointing Products

In the blogging world we spend so much time trying to convince people to buy things, however i thought i would try and share some products that have been talked about in the beauty world that just really didn't float my boat.


Maybelline Dream Bronze BB Cream
I bought this last year in preparation for my holidays just in case i wanted some coverage during the day without having a full face of make up. However when i came to use it i found it clung to all the dry patches on my face and caused alot of breakouts around my chin area. I thought this could have just been to do with the sun and sweating etc, all that good stuff with being on holiday, but it also did it when i got home. This product in one i still have that just kind of sits in my collection unused.

Revlon Colourstay Concealer
This concealer was such a let down, its so runny and literally covers up nothing on my face. I bought it to brighten up my under eyes and conceal my veiny eyelids. Its safe to say it does none of this, its just not a concealer that covers enough for me, i just automatically reached for my NARS one to do the job. The foundation in this range is fantastic but i would steer clear of the concealer.

Loreal Glam Bronze Sun Powder Brunette
There isnt anything i really dislike about this product i just find myself never reaching for it, its just so meh. The pigment isnt great and i feel the colour pay off for the amount of product you use isn't good. I mean i dont want a really deep bronzer, as i am pretty pale, but i do want something to give my face a bit of shape and this just really doesnt do it for me. I have a couple of bronzers in my collection and this one is always the one at the bottom of the pile. I hate saying this as well because Loreal is one of my all time favourite brands!

Soap and Glory Archery DIY Brow Bar
For me i think its just because i have become such a creature of habit and my Maybelline brow palette just works so well for me that when i came to try this out it just didn't work for me. I found the colour and application process alot harder than when i use my maybelline one. Again i dont totally hate this product i just never reach for it and it gets no love in my make up collection.

MAC Lipstick- Please me
Possibly one of the most hyped up beauty products EVER! and i just dont get the hype at all, for the price i have found way better matte lipsticks. They feel really uncomfortable on my lips and i really dont like that finish of them as they tend to flake on my lips. Ive not tried any of there other finish lipsticks but i will definitely be steering clear of the mattes from now on.


  1. Sorry those didn't work out for you :(

  2. I really like reading these posts to see that not everything is perfect! but, unfortunately, I can't be sure cause what didn't work for you may work for me...
    but thanks anyway :)

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